Friday, July 11, 2014

Potty Time Returns!

I realize having a potty on the carpet for a little person to learn how to use it is probably not the greatest idea in the world, but I had nowhere else to put it. :/

            Potty training. Those two little words can evoke a mixture of emotions for parents and caregivers of little ones. For me (and many other parents too, I'm sure), the first words that pop in my head when I think of potty training are "dread" and "freedom". Doesn't seem like those two should go together, do they? Only in the magical world of potty training, I guess.
            Anyways, I feel like Myka is old enough now to get more serious about potty training. We have gone through bouts in the past where I would sit her on the potty to see if she would 1) go and/or 2) sit still long enough to even try. Sometimes she would go quite a few times in one day and then she wouldn't go for a week. So I would let it go and put the potty stuff to the side for awhile again. 
            I'm sure plenty of parents would disagree with me and say that Myka is too young to potty train and you know what? That's ok. She's not your kid and I don't really care if you disagree, to be honest. Everyone is different. I'm so sick of parents bashing each other just because they make different decisions from one another. If you're going to be nasty, at least keep it to yourself. Anyways, "mommy wars" is a whole other topic of conversation, now isn't it?
            So far Myka has done pretty well with potty training. The first day we "re-started" she peed 4 times in it. The next 2 days she didn't go at all, but we were house/dog sitting for one of my aunts and I think she was just really distracted by all of the new stuff, which is understandable. She did go once or twice the day after we got "home". To be real honest, I think part of it is because we are still living with my parents for now and I think she is partially doing it to show off. lol Hey man, whatever works!
            I figure now is a good time to at least try to start potty training since I am still home with her all the time. Maybe I'm just being silly, but I feel like the potty clock is ticking until I find a job. lol I've also gotten WAY too lenient with the use of disposables when other family members are watching her. I realize this is my own fault, but the sooner she gets potty trained, the sooner I don't have to worry about that, hopefully...Although my mom did mention something about buying her pull-ups if she keeps doing a good job on the potty. -_- Last but not least, I really don't want her to be over 3 before she's potty trained, especially if I end up needing to take her to preschool or something a few days a week.
            What age was/were your child(ren) when you started potty training? What were the main reasons you wanted to start? Did your child just seem ready? Were you expecting a new little one and didn't want to be changing as many diapers?

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