Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bambo Nature Diaper Review

             Hey folks! Are you looking for an eco-friendlier diaper for your little one, but aren't quite ready to take the cloth diaper plunge? Or maybe you still want to use disposables, but are looking for ones that don't contain all of the nasty stuff that most of the name brands tend to? OR, maybe you do use cloth diapers, but would like a little more convenience for on the go? Regardless of your reason, I'm excited to share Bambo Nature Diapers with you today!
             Just having a baby, I was naturally more than pleased to try out Bambo diapers when they contacted me. We mainly cloth diaper, but when the babes are still super little we use disposables even though we really don't care for them for multiple reasons. (Please don't take that as me bashing anyone who likes using disposable diapers. I totally understand that cloth diapers are not for everyone! We can still be friends. ;) ) Anyways, we only have two newborn sized cloth diaper covers for one, so needless to say those don't last long before needing washed. Two, the rest of our covers are just too big for little babies even though I think they're supposed to be for 8-35 pounds. So, I was extra excited to try Bambo diapers out so we had a baby and eco-friendlier diaper while in the “disposable stage” and for when Ripley gets older and we want the convenience while we're out and about.
             What makes Bambo Nature diapers different from other mainstream disposables? For starters, they have high quality manufacturing standards and safety certifications, which you can read all about HERE on their website. Not only do they try to be as eco-friendly as possible in their manufacturing process, but the diapers themselves are Earth and baby friendly too. They contain no pthalates, chlorine, formaldehyde, heavy metals, PVC, allergens, or perfumes. And, according to their website, “Products and packaging materials can be disposed of through recycling, incineration or composting.” Awesome, right?!

             About now you might be thinking, “That's cool and all, but does all this eco-friendliness mean they're stiff as a board?” NO! In fact, John and I agree that they feel less stiff than most disposables. They're just as flexible and soft too, if not more so. The fastener tabs seem extra sticky, like if you had to undo and re-do them multiple times they would hold up better than most. Plus they still come with cute little prints on them. ;)

             Now for sizing and absorbency...As you can see in the picture above, they can hold quite a bit! If I remember right, this was after she had taken a long nap, so this was after probably 3-4 hours of wear. She ended up taking a REALLY long “nap” (about 5 hours) the evening I was working on writing this and had no leaks then either. Even for being thinner than most disposables, they seem more absorbent. It would be interesting to do an experiment to see how much they hold compared to, say, Pampers Swaddlers Size 1. (They are about the equivalent to the Bambo ones we received for review.)

              As far as size goes, Bambo diapers run kind of big, in my opinion. Ripley was an ounce shy of weighing 9 pounds when she was born. While she did lose about a pound after birth at first, the size 2 diapers I requested are suggested for babies 7-13 pounds and they were HUGE on her at first. She is a little over 10 pounds now and they are still a bit big, but we make it work. So, just a word of “warning” when you go to buy your own.
             I thought it would be interesting to see how these compared price-wise to the same mainstream diaper I mentioned above. The bag we received for review of the 30 count Bambo size 2 diapers is currently $12.80 on Amazon (43 cents/diaper). The 35 count of the Pampers size 1 are $15.49 (44 cents/diaper). So, while not a significant difference, it does add up over time and I'm happy to see something that doesn't cost extra for having less junk added to it for once!
             I think that just about covers it! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message in the comments or directly email me! You can stay up-to-date with Bambo Nature diapers on all the main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. Before you go, be sure to head over to the giveaway page to enter for a chance to win your own case of Bambo Nature diapers!

Disclaimer: I received products in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received and my opinions may differ from your own.

Bambo Nature Diaper Giveaway

Welcome to the Bambo Nature Diaper Giveaway!

Sponsored By: Bambo Nature
Hosted By: Mixed Bag Mama 

            Hey folks! Are you looking for an eco-friendlier diaper for your little one, but aren't quite ready to take the cloth diaper plunge? Or maybe you still want to use disposables, but are looking for ones that don't contain all of the nasty stuff that most of the name brands tend to? OR, maybe you do use cloth diapers, but would like a little more convenience for on the go? Regardless of your reason, you will want to be sure to find out more in Mixed Bag Mama's review and enter the giveaway form below for your chance to win a package of your own to try out! 
            This giveaway is open to the continental U.S. only, people age 18+. One winner will receive a package of Bambo Nature diapers in his/her choice of size. Only your email is mandatory to enter (only used to contact the winner), but the more entries you have, the better your chances of winning! Good luck!

No participating bloggers were compensated for this post or are responsible for prize shipment. Bambo Nature will ship the prize directly to the winner. This giveaway is not associated with any social media platform, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Eco Baby Giveaway

Our green-themed Eco-Baby Giveaway features everything a baby could need for diapering, feeding, naps, clothing, sensory play, and travel! It's sponsored by Mommy Scene and features prizes from 16 sponsoring brands, each offering unique products to help make life a little simpler and more Eco-friendly for families with little ones. Check out all the innovative products below and enter to win the entire gift set!

Eco Baby Giveaway - Mommy Scene

Eco-Baby Giveaway Gift Set

Eco Baby Giveaway - Coco and Kiwi  - Mommy Scene

Coco & Kiwi

Prize: Coco & Kiwi $50 Gift Certificate
Our mission is to provide smart products with easy cleanup. Your time is important, so spend it on what really matters and let us do the rest. Messy Baby, Happy Mom. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - FunBites - Mommy Scene


Prize: FunBites Red Heart Food Cutter
As seen on Shark Tank, award winning FunBites creates fun shaped bites that kids can't resist! It's great for picky eaters & creative moms and makes healthy food fun! FunBites is also made in USA, dishwasher safe, and BPA free. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Zipadee-Zip - Mommy Scene


Prize: Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Transition sleep sack
The Zipadee-Zip wearable blanket is loved by sleep experts, pediatricians and parents everywhere! It provides a womb-like environment but full range of movement to roll over and wiggle around safely and freely. The slight resistance in the arm-span helps soothe the startle reflex and will often work to ensure sounder sleep. Even with the full enclosure the Zipadee-Zip provides, babies can pick up and put in their pacifier or play with a toy while wearing it! It keeps those little hands warm all night and prevents scratching! It's also perfect for keeping germs at bay on airplanes, in doctor's offices and in grocery stores. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Buttons Diapers - Mommy Scene

Buttons Diapers

Prize: One trial pack of cloth diapers: 1 cloth diaper cover + three daytime inserts
Buttons Diapers are an affordable, easy-to-use, all-in-two cloth diaper system. Buttons Diapers AI2 system features soft waterproof diaper covers available in dozens of colors and prints, snap-in absorbent diaper inserts, and diapering accessories as well. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - ChubChub baby - Mommy Scene

PouchBuddy by ChubChub

Prize: PouchBuddy feeding attachment
PouchBuddy is an innovative pouch feeding tool that promotes mess-free self-feeding. The mom-approved one piece design is easy to clean, convenient, and travel friendly. BPA, Phthalate, & PVC free. ChubChub is committed to creating real solutions for real parents. Our product development team is constantly seeking and testing new ways to make parenting easier and more efficient with safety as a priority. And together, we help families spend less time on the challenges of parenthood and more time enjoying childhood. Learn more at

Valentine's Day Giveaway - Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap - Mommy Scene

Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap

Prize: 1 tub of Sudsy Dough Moldable Soap - 12 oz.
Sudsy Dough makes bath time fun and encourages sensory play. Kids can rub it on as a cleansing body wash and make soapy bubbles with this scented soap-based play dough. It's moisturizing thanks to Shea butter and beeswax and comes in 4 great fragrances; Merry Mango, Sassy Strawberry, Bubbly Blueberry, and Awesome Apple! Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Thinkbaby Thinksport - Mommy Scene

Thinkbaby | Thinksport

Prize: Thinkbaby Starter Set + Complete Feeding Set + Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen, 6 ounces
Thinkbaby and Thinksport's founder, Kevin Brodwick, brought his interest in health and preventative medicine and his background in biotechnology together to form a company whose sole purpose is to create alternative products for babies to athletes alike. With a team of physicians and scientists focused on the latest biological and chemical sciences, Thinkbaby and Thinksport continue to lead in the usage of safe, non-toxic materials for consumer goods. Thinkbaby and Thinksport's efforts are further energized by working with both leading child and health advocacy partners and like-minded individuals. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - LullaBelay - Mommy Scene

Fiddle Diddles

Prize: LullaBelay car seat adjustable strap system
LullaBelay is the first & only adjustable strap system that safely secures an infant carrier to a shopping cart. LullaBelay provides you with a safe, worry-free & hands-free shopping experience. No more placing your infant carrier precariously on top of a toddler seat, or in the basket of the cart taking up all your room. With LullaBelay you can easily shop with a toddler and a baby, all while enjoying full use of your cart basket. Fully safety tested and meets all CPSIA safety requirements for children's products. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Silkberry Baby - Mommy Scene

Silkberry Baby

Prize: 1 organic cotton long sleeve romper - choose from silver cloud stripe with owl, blush stripe with bunny, or arctic blue stripe with bear
Silkberry Baby long sleeve rompers are soft and comfy and made from certified organic cotton fabric. The roll up cuff can be flipped over to cover hands to prevent baby scratching and two front snaps open the neck wide for easy dressing. Snaps at the inside of legs make for easy diaper changings. Available in sizes nb-3m, 3-6m and 6-12m. Silkberry Baby offers cute, trendy and comfortable baby gear made of eco-friendly and sustainable fabric for baby and toddler. All our natural theme-inspired clothing and accessories are designed by Vancouver moms in Canada. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Revelae Kids Cozy Blanket Pouch - Mommy Scene

Revelae Kids

Prize: Cozy Blanket Pouch - style of choice + Yummi Pouch Brights reusable food pouches
Cozy Blanket Pouches are a unique way to keep your little one warm during playtime and slumber. The soft fuzzy material keeps baby cozy from the waist down, secured by an elastic waistband to fully surround baby's legs and keep the blanket in place. Cozy blanket pouches leave room to wiggle and don't restrict leg movement — an ideal extra layer to use when a baby is playing, sitting, or lounging during the day. Available in sizes small & large and four colors. Yummi Pouch reusable food pouches make it easy to take baby food and healthy snacks on the go, save money, and reduce household trash. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Bambo Nature - Mommy Scene

Bambo Nature

Prize: Case of diapers, winner's choice in size
For over three decades, Bambo Nature has taken every measure to bring you a premium baby diaper that's gentle, soft, and made of a high percentage of sustainable materials. Bambo Nature has earned more credentials, awards, and eco-labels than any other diaper on the market. While other brands are busy making claims, they're busy substantiating their diaper's premium quality with concrete proof. The diapers are guaranteed skin-friendly with no dangerous chemicals and/or allergens, Eco-friendly and made using sustainable resources and less waste, and sleep-friendly with maximum absorbency, ultra-soft and flexible textures. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - organicKidz Baby Grows Up - Mommy Scene


Prize: Baby Grows Up Thermal Gift Set
organicKidz Baby Grows Up stainless steel bottle kit grows with your child! Baby Bottle converts to Sippy Cup and then to lunch box ready Water Bottle by simply attaching the accessories included in the kit as your baby grows up. Bottle keeps liquids hot or cold for 6+ hours making it perfect for parents on the go, play dates, travelling, daycare or just about anywhere else. Unlike glass and plastic bottles, organicKidz Stainless Steel is naturally bacteria resistant, unbreakable and light weight. Kit includes 9oz Thermal Baby Bottle, 3 flows of vented silicone nipples, silicone sippy spout, handles, stainless steel lid, and leak proof bottle cap. organicKidz Baby Grows Up kit makes a great gift from newborn to toddler to preschool and beyond! Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Wee Can Too - Mommy Scene

Wee Can Too

Prize: Veggie Dough and Veggie Crayon set
Wee Can Too was founded with a mission to bring art supplies to babies and toddlers by offering the highest quality products made from fruit and vegetable powders, plus plant-based ingredients. Our products are all natural, and made from the safest ingredients without chemicals, preservatives, color additives, and are made from food based ingredients. Our colors come from nature! Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Pure Hazelwood baby necklaces - Mommy Scene

Pure Hazelwood Baby Necklaces

Prize: Two (2) Pure Hazelwood baby necklaces
World leader on the market for more than 18 years, Pure Hazelwood products are inspired by a First Nations tradition, handcrafted with 100 % natural hazel wood and meant for the whole family. Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules, hazel wood helps relieve several symptoms related to inflammation such as: teething pain, colic, skin problems, digestive disorders, joint pain, and more! Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Poncho Baby Organic Roly Blanket - Mommy Scene

Poncho Baby

Prize: Poncho Baby Organic Roly Blanket
Award-winning Organic Baby Blanket is perfect for outings, this breathable organic cotton blanket unfolds quickly to create a soft, clean place for babies to play and relax. Made in the USA with 100% organic cotton muslin Imported. When you're done, the blanket rolls back up, closing up to be no bigger than a petite clutch purse. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Liliputi Stretchy Wrap - Mommy Scene


Prize: Liliputi Stretchy Wrap - color of choice
The Liliputi stretchy wrap is a beautiful, comfy and versatile carrier for newborns and young babies. It holds a baby softly and safely, distributing the baby's weight equally along the back, shoulders, and hips, allowing you to comfortably wear your baby for long periods of time. The Liliputi stretchy wrap is made of Certified OekoTex 100 fabrics and is also suitable for front and hip carry and perfectly fits any body type. Liliputi solutions help parents ensure the safety of their young children, strengthening contact and supporting physical and mental health in all kinds of situations. Liliputi carriers, coats, bags and accessories are designed in-house with the help of talented Hungarian designers. Every Liliputi product supports babycarrying and upbringing based on close human contact, inspiring a healthier and more harmonious world in every aspect. Learn more at

Eco Baby Giveaway - Loopy Gear 2-Pack - Mommy Scene

Loopy Gear

Prize: Loopy 2-Pack
Loopys are a baby rattle holder designed to attach baby's favorite toy to their wrist. Great for shopping, on a walk or even around the house because babies inevitably throw and drop the things they play with most. With a number of colors and styles to suit anyone's taste, Loopys are a fun gift idea that new moms will come to love because the five second rule doesn't apply to babies. So versatile, they can be also used on car seats, strollers, baby carriers, highchairs, and shopping carts. Loopys are handmade in USA, machine washable, and meet CPSIA standards. Learn more at

Enter to win these great prizes!

Eco Baby Giveaway - Mommy Scene

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by Mommy Scene and is open to US entries. One winner will be chosen and displayed on the giveaway widget after the giveaway ends on March 4th, 2016. Mommy Scene and participating blogs are not responsible for fulfilling brand-sponsored prizes. Prizes will be shipped directly from each brand. Mixed Bag Mama was not compensated for this post.

Levana Ovia Baby Video Monitor Giveaway

Welcome to the Levana Ovia Baby Video Monitor Giveaway!
Hosted By: Nanny to Mommy

Ovia™ (O-via)
Meaning: Egg
Seize the day and do more while keeping a close eye on baby with Levana Ovia PTZ Baby Monitor. Intuitive touch panel controls and silent pan/tilt/zoom camera mean that a full view of every nook & cranny of your baby’s nursery is just a touch away. Save photos and video to the included micro SD card and upload them to your computer, or view them directly on Ovia’s large 4.3” LCD screen. With Talk to Baby™ two-way communication, 8-hour battery life and invisible night vision LEDs, both you and baby will find a lot to love while getting more done with Ovia.

Just The Facts:
- 4.3” LCD Screen & Touch Panel Controls
- Whisper-quiet Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera
- Record Video & Snap Photos
- 8-hour Battery Life in PEEP Mode
- Secure 750ft ClearVu® Digital Signal
- Talk to Baby™ Two-way Communication
- Invisible LEDs Keep the Nursery Dark
- Smart LED Indicator Ring
- 3 Remote-Controlled Lullabies
- Expandable up to 4 Cameras

Levana Knows Safety Matters!
At Levana, we place the utmost importance on the security and safety of your baby. To deter all potential hacking, Levana baby monitors transmit all video and audio data on small, private and local networks. To further increase security, paired monitors and cameras hop between 19 channels simultaneously so attempts to access the signal are disrupted. This increases the overall security of our monitors and ensures they are only used for their intended purpose, empowering you and delivering peace of mind.

Enter to WIN
One lucky Nanny to Mommy reader will win a Ovia™ PTZ Baby Video Monitor in Giftbox, RV $224.99, but on sale for $149.99! Entry is simple, just follow the prompts on the Rafflecopter below. Open to U.S., must be 18+ to enter. Make sure to follow us on Facebook so you can stay up to date with our current giveaways. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mixed Bag Mama is not responsible for prize shipment and was not compensated for this post. Nanny to Mommy received complimentary products to provide this review and giveaway. Nanny to Mommy is not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations. This giveaway is open to US only, must be 18+ to enter. Cannot be shipped to P.O. boxes. One entry per household/IP address. No social media was involved in this giveaway in any way. Winner is chosen via through Rafflecopter. ALL winning entries ARE verified. Winner will have 48 hours to respond with all information in email or another winner will be chosen. If you would like to see your product featured in our upcoming Baby Shower Gift Guide or sponsor a giveaway event, please contact us.

Making a Homestead Part 8: Ready for Spring!

            Hey folks! I don't know how, but spring is just around the corner and I am SO ready! We've had a pretty mild winter again here in Indiana, but it's still kind of hard to get anything lawn, garden, and “homesteading” related done. Plus, being super pregnant and having a new baby doesn't help things. ;) But, since we have so many outdoor projects we would like to do and it's the end of February, we feel like it's never too early to start planning!
             We've been talking about and planning what fruits and veggies we would like to grow since before we even bought this house, so it's exciting that the time is drawing near that we'll be able to make our garden dreams come to FRUITion. (Sorry. Couldn't resist. ;) ) Sure, we planted some fall veggies...but only about half of them did ok. I'm a bit of a spaghetti squash snob and will only eat locally or homegrown (it tastes SO much better, seriously) and love zucchini, so I'm most excited about being able to plant those now.
             We still have an exorbitant amount of veggie seeds, but John went ahead and ordered some more from They'll get used eventually, right? Plus, we needed some more herb ones after our failed indoor sunroom growing experiment this fall. (Well, it probably would have been ok if we hadn't gotten lazy, replanted some sooner, and used better dirt.)
             John also got on some website (no clue what one) and saved a bunch of fruit trees we would like to order. The only thing is, while their website actually has pretty good prices, fruit trees are kind of pricey, so I'm hoping we'll even have the money to buy some this year. (Especially with pesky unexpected doctor bills.) I'm very excited about the prospect of fresh apples and pears!
             We took a trip to Rural King the other day for the heck of it...and naturally couldn't leave without buying a few things. Ha ha They had a display of berry bushes as soon as we walked in (Literally. They were between the two automatic doors.), so we couldn't pass up on those! Especially since they were only $5.98 each! We got a couple different types of blueberries and raspberries, including the fall gold raspberries, which are said to be even tastier than regular ones! Can you tell I'm really excited about berries too by all of the exclamation marks in this paragraph? Ha ha

             Homegrown fruits and veggies are cool and all, but I'm looking forward to getting chickens again even more. I think we only have one thing left to fix on the chicken coop, which is putting some chicken wire around the bottom of the outside to keep critters out. It's supposed to be warm this weekend, so hopefully I can talk John into getting that done. ;) Chicks will be arriving at the farm supply stores before we know it! In fact, they already had their chick area set up at Rural King and even had some Leghorns in already.
             Speaking of which, they had a poster up too at the beginning of the “chicken aisle” of different breeds of chickens from a supplier, so one would assume those are the types they will be getting in. We sure hope so because they pretty much had every kind we were thinking about getting: Barred rocks, Buff Orpingtons, a variety of Bantams, Americuanas, Silver-laced Wyandottes, and even Brahmas. (John really wants a Brahma, though I am not sold on them because they are HUGE. We're talking Chickenzilla, but I guess they're really docile.) We were originally going to “limit” ourselves to two or three different breeds this first year, but it's easy to go overboard once you get into chickens. :)

             So, what spring lawn/garden/homesteading projects are you most looking forward to?

Friday, February 19, 2016

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Compact System Giveaway


The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Compact System is a nutrient & vitamin extraction and high performance all in one machine. The next generation Auto-IQ Smooth Boost Technology takes drink customization to a whole new level and features 1200-watt motor base.


  • Two 24-ounce Nutri Ninja Tritan Cups with two Sip & Seal Lids
  • 24-ounce stainless steel Nutri Ninja Cup
  • 40-ounce blend & prep bowl with dough/chopping blade, 48-ounce XL multi-serve Nutri Ninja
  • 30 recipe inspiration guide
  • Additional attachment available is the first-ever coffee & spice grinder blender attachment
You can purchase the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Compact System on the Ninja website for $160. You can also check out some of their other incredibler products. Connect with Ninja on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram
One person is going to WIN a Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Pro Compact System ($160)!
Open to the Continental US only, ages 18 and up. Ends 03/04/16 at 11:59 PM ET. Enter using the Giveaway Tools form below. Good Luck!

Mixed Bag Mama was not compensated for this post and is not responsible for prize shipment. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wrapy Baby Wrap Review

             Hey folks! As most of you know by now, I just had baby girl #2 last month. Since I was planning on trying out the whole babywearing thing with this one anyways, I was excited to try out the Wrapy baby wrap when offered. Plus, I hear wraps are good to use with young babies as far as carriers go and my husband talked me into trying a wrap out instead of a soft structured carrier again, so why not give the Wrapy a go?!
             According to their website, “We created Wrapy with a simple goal: Make the holder feel free and make the baby feel comfortable.” The Wrapy is made of a 95% cotton/5% spandex blend fabric, so it provides enough stretch to get the fit you need while still being comfortable. It is one size fits all (though I think it should be “one size fits MOST. More on that on down.), machine washable and dryer safe, and comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. Wrapy is suitable for for babies and toddlers from birth to 35 pounds. 

             First of all, since we didn't do the whole babywearing thing with Myka, this was my first time using a wrap...And everything I read about there being a “learning curve” as far as getting used to wrapping it correctly is true. That was my main concern about trying a wrap out: It looked confusing as heck! However, while it does take a little practice, it didn't take me nearly as long to get the hang of it as I expected. And I am an extremely impatient person, so that should tell you something. 

             I also have to admit that I had a little trouble with the Wrapy at first because it barely fits me, to be totally honest. However, I'm built like “a little teapot: short and stout.” While I realize this is my own fault, I feel like the labeling should read “one size fits MOST” instead of “ALL”, especially because I know many moms who use wraps because they are more likely to fit “plus sizes” better than most soft structured carriers. With all of that being said, though, my husband got it to work for him and he's on the broader side, so he helped me get it. We actually ended up wrapping it according to my Boba wrap instructions since it is similar instead of folding it in half width-wise first like the Wrapy directions instruct. It was just too awkward that way and didn't really work for either of us, so we left it as is without folding anything.

Breastfeeding hold-Nice and discreet!

             While there is only one way to wrap the Wrapy, there are five different carrying positions demonstrated in the instruction manual: the newborn hold, toddler hold, cradle hold, lotus hold, and the breastfeeding hold. (Some are similar. I would also like to mention that I would look more into the lotus hold as I have always read that you shouldn't face your child out while babywearing.) Since Ripley is only a month old, we have only tried the newborn and breastfeeding hold. I've only tried the breastfeeding hold twice and it didn't really end well either time, but it could be just because we are still working on the whole nursing thing. I feel like this carrying position would take a lot more practice getting your child situated just right than the others. But, I can see how it would come in very handy if you're already babywearing in public, need to nurse, and don't want to take the whole wrap off to do so. (And assuming you prefer to cover up while nursing in public. ;) )

             We did enjoy trying the Wrapy out in a variety of other settings. It's definitely handy if you have older children to take care of. It has helped me be able to make something to eat for Myka, go for a walk, and enjoy trips out to places, such as the store and local nature center without having to lug along a heavy carseat, just to name a few things. It's been nice having free hands to get things done while keeping baby close so I don't feel like I am neglecting her! I am looking forward to using it even more when it gets nicer out and we go on more playdates again and start working out in the yard as well. Those are actually two of the main reasons I wanted to try babywearing!

             So far I am happy with the Wrappy and I like that my husband can use it as well. (He claims he will use it, but we'll see. ;) ) Another thing I like about it is that it is very affordable at $40 on Amazon, making it more feasible for those of us out there who want to try babywearing out, but don't want to spend a fortune on carriers like a lot of the soft structured ones. (I'd also like to note that the Wrapy is currently on sale for even less on Amazon at $29.97!) Be sure to stay up-to-date with info, reviews, and more on their Facebook page and blog.

P.s. If you have any questions if I've left anything out or you would like to know more, please ask! I have foggy, sleep deprived mommy brain and feel as if I'm forgetting a lot of things I wanted to include in my review!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Frosch Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products Giveaway


Prize: Assortment of Frosch Evironmentally Friendly Cleaning Products RV $32

The Frosch brand was launched in 1986 by Werner & Mertz with the intention of offering environmentally friendly cleaning products that were able to compete with traditional cleaning brands without compromise.
Voted Germany’s Most Trusted Brand by Reader’s Digest for 15 years running, Frosch has firmly established itself as a mainstream brand. It is available throughout Germany in major drugstores, big box retailers, supermarkets and natural stores.
Environmental considerations permeate every aspect of Frosch - production, ingredients and packaging. Frosch's state-of-the-art research facility is constantly working to improve upon its formulations and maintains very strict criteria for the formulations of new products. Frosch production takes place under the strict EMAS scheme of the European Union, a voluntary scheme with strict, company-wide environmental requirements.  
Frosch has a loyal following in many export countries around the world, but has not been available in the U.S.A. until now.
Dates: 2/13-2/27
Open to: US Residents 18+
Enter to win using the widget below. Good luck!

Disclosure: Mixed Bag Mama did not receive compensation for this post and is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Soothing Terra Eseential Oil Carrying Case Giveaway

Welcome to the Soothing Terra Essential Oil Carrying Case Giveaway!

Sponsored By: Soothing Terra
Hosted By: Mixed Bag Mama

             Hey folks! I know many of you like using essential oils, whether it be for the aromatherapy benefits, using them in homemade, natural cleaners, used for their healing properties, or something else. However, do you wish you had a convenient case to store them in or even take with you on the go? If so, Soothing Terra has you covered!
             Soothing Terra offers a variety of carrying cases to keep your stash of essential oils safe and handy, from keychain sized to a hard case that holds 30 vials! Most come in a variety of colors and are designed to hold numerous brands of essential oils, so you are sure to find a case that works for you! You can read what Mixed Bag Mama thought of the soft, travel carrying case in her review.
            For a chance to win a carrying case of your own from Soothing Terra (winner's choice), simply enter the Giveaway Tools form below. Only your email is mandatory (only used to contact the winner), but the more entries you have, the better your chances are of winning! Good luck!

No compensation was received for this post. The sponsor of the giveaway is responsible for prize shipment. This giveaway is not associated with any social media platforms, including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Soothing Terra Essential Oil Carrying Case Review

             Hey folks! I know a lot of you enjoy using essential oils, whether it's for aromatherapy, their healing properties, used with natural cleaners, or something else. Do you find yourself constantly hunting for them around the house, though? Or maybe you wish you had a convenient case for them to take them on the go? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then Soothing Terra has you covered!
             Soothing Terra offers a variety of carrying cases for your essential oils, whether you just want to store them in a central location or take them out and about with you. Most are designed to hold a variety of bottles sizes too, from 2ml vials to 15ml vials and roll-ons, so you are sure to find a case that works for you! You can also find helpful and informative essential oil related blog posts on their site as well, such as essential oils for headaches and tips for mixing essential oils. 

             I recently had the opportunity to try out the soft, travel carrying case that holds ten 5, 10, or 15ml vials or 10ml roll-ons from Soothing Terra. It comes in a variety of colors and is a convenient size for putting in your purse, cosmetic bag, suitcase, or just storing your oils in a central location at home. This case is also designed to fit many essential oil brands, so you shouldn't have any problems with fitting your collection...Unless, of course, you have more than ten. ;)

             The main thing I like about this case is that, for me, I finally have some place to keep my most used bottles and roll-ons of essential oils together and it doesn't take up much room on my bathroom counter where I've been storing it. To be honest, I don't take my essential oils with me anywhere as of now, but I like that it will fit in my purse nicely or suitcase if I decide to do so in the future. I do have several oils that I use fairly regular, so I'm glad I don't have to go looking all over the house for them now. It always seemed like I had the ones I liked to use in the diffusers in the opposite bedroom that I needed them in and I never could remember whether I had certain roll-ons in our bathroom, my purse, or my computer desk. Now I know where they all are and don't get 
 sidetracked by a certain 3 year old or husband along the way and forget what I was looking for!

             While I don't have any Young Living or DoTerra essential oils, which are the main brands Soothing Terra's website lists as the cases being made to fit, I didn't have any problems with my very random assortment of pure oils and roll-ons fitting. In fact, I even squeezed a 30ml bottle in there! As I'm sure you can see in the picture, I have two different brands and sizes of vials and a homemade concoction in a roll-on from another company and a Plant Therapy roll-on as well. If you're worried about your oils not fitting because they aren't the brands listed at the beginning of this paragraph, I think this attests that they should. 

             Check out Soothing Terra's website to browse all of their cases. You can stay up-to-date with them on Facebook (and keep a lookout for their own giveaways!) or Twitter. Be sure to head to the giveaway page to enter for a chance to win your own essential oil case from Soothing Terra!

Mixed Bag Mama received product in order to facilitate her review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are her own and may differ from your own. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Learning Colors and Shapes Play Mat Giveaway

learning mat giveaway

Welcome To The Learning Colors and Shapes Play Mat Giveaway!

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My Silly Little Gang

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Ultra Pro knows that understanding shapes helps children to develop the foundation needed for math and other academics. That’s why the shape-themed games that come with this mat provide children with the opportunities to learn about matching, creative thinking, and problem solving.
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1 LUCKY WINNER will receive the Ultra Pro Learning Colors and Shapes Play Mat!

This giveaway will run through 3/3/16 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time and is open to US residents ages 18+. Chances of winning depend on entries received. Winner is subject to eligibility verification and will have 24 hours to confirm before a new winner will be drawn. For any questions or concerns please email (please consider adding this email to your “Safe List” as the winning email notification will be sent from this email.) Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools form. Thank You for stopping by!
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I See Me! Winner's Choice Giveaway

Winner's Choice of I See Me! Growth Chart or a Who Loves Me? Storybook & Stickers Gift Set Giveaway!

1 lucky person will win their choice of I See Me! Growth Chart or a Who Loves Me? Valentine Edition Storybook & Stickers Gift Set! But it gets even better than that! If the winner chooses a growth chart, they get to pick from 8 adorable styles! If the winner chooses the storybook, they get to pick whether they want the blue or pink version! Too cute!

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Coupons and Freebies Mom

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Era Organics Bundle Giveaway

B Cover 

            This February Era Organics & Wife.Mother.Teacher. have teamed up again to bring our US readers an awesome giveaway bundle pack - 3 brand new organic baby products valued at $75! 

 Era Organics creates products that are chemical free, fragrance free, all natural & perfect for sensitive skin - making them perfect for your precious bundle of joy. While you're here check out the full review over on Wife.Mother.Teacher. or you can purchase your own

The giveaway will run for the entire month of February and is open to everyone in the US aged 18+. Good luck!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Life With a Newborn-Part 1

             Hey folks! Thanks for checking out my new series! I'd like to think I'll have regular updates on a specific day each week or every other week, but as most of you know, life with kids is unpredictable...And, as I'm writing this, my husband just went back to work today, so I'm sure things are about to get extra interesting around here!
             These first almost two weeks have been about 50/50 as far as smoothness of the day goes. I had a rough night or two when we first got home from the hospital. Unlike Myka, Ripley seems to be a snuggler and didn't/doesn't want to be put down at night. I ended up sleeping on the couch for about an hour with her the night we came home. Then, since we had turned the heaters down some while we were gone (we never turned our gas on when we moved in), I was freezing my ass off so I went back to bed still holding her for awhile. To be honest, I was so tired I can't remember if I dozed off with her for awhile or not. Pretty sure I did...which should say something about how tired I was because I am so not into the co-sleeping thing. 

My little snuggle monster

             After the first couple of nights, she did good sleeping and eating at fairly regular intervals during the night for about a week...Then she evidently slept too much during the day and didn't go to sleep for good until 4 o'clock in the morning. -_- The last couple of nights haven't been too much better because she's been waking up every time I try to put her in bed. It's literally been taking me like 3 hours or more to get her to finally go to sleep. I'm usually not much of a crier, but I've had several breakdowns in the past few weeks at night out of sheer sleep deprivation or plain frustration.
             Myka has been doing a lot better with her than I expected. So far, the jealousy level has been at a minimum. She likes baby sister so long as she's not crying. She's “too woud” when she cries and Myka usually goes running into another room. Lol
             Like I said, today is my first full day alone with both of them. It has been going surprisingly well. This morning I was worried it was “the calm before the storm” because things were going WAY too smoothly, but it is almost 4 o'clock now and all is still well. I attribute it mostly to the fact that Myka and I woke up before Ripley, so I was able to get Myka all situated with breakfast, using the potty, and whatnot before the little milk maid woke up. In fact, Myka has been acting a lot better today than she has the past few days my husband has been home. Whatever. I'll take it!
             Myka has also been getting better about keeping herself least she has been today! However, I was glad I had the chance to do some stuff with just her so she doesn't feel left out. I actually had time to repaint her nails this morning, we went on a short walk (with baby sister. I'm trying out a wrap for review, so stay tuned for that in a few weeks!), and I let her take another bath this afternoon...even though daddy gave her one last night. Lol Ripley wasn't very happy about us being in the bathroom instead of being held, but her crying a little bit didn't kill her. ;) (In my defense, I fed her right beforehand and changed her diaper, so I thought she would be ok. Ha! Oh. And the fact that I had her in the wrap for almost two hours.)
             Nursing has been going pretty well for the most part. It's been kind of a learning experience because I didn't have much luck with Myka for several reasons. I don't know if it's normal or not, but the one thing that irritates me a little is that Ripley has a habit of just licking my nipple a bunch before latching on unless she's REALLY hungry, so I end up leaking all over the place. Plus it has the opposite effect of what I'm assuming she does it for: to get my nipple to stick out more. I don't know. My body is bass akwards like that, I guess.
             I don't know WHAT was going on the other night that she stayed up until almost 4 in the morning, but she was on my boobs almost non-stop for 6 hours. No joke. I had finally gotten to where both breasts felt empty after her feeding too, go figure, especially my left one, so guess what. Now they both feel semi-engorged again. * sigh *
             However, even with the shenanigans, nursing is totally worth all of the weight I have lost already. I knew you lost weight quicker if you breastfed, but I had no idea HOW quickly! I've already lost about 29 pounds from my pregnancy weight and 13ish from my pre-pregnancy weight...And it's only been 13 days. I wasn't worried about losing weight right away, of course, but I am totally ok with this! 

             I'm sure there are lots of other things I could go on about, but I'll save some for the next post so this one doesn't turn into a book. ;) (You know. Like my birth story, if you happened to read it!) Until next time, happy parenting!

P.s. If you nursed your children, what struggles did you have, if any? Leave your comments below! I think it's important for moms, especially first time ones, to know that breastfeeding isn't as easy as everyone makes it out to be!

Movie Madness Gift Card Giveaway

This would be great to use for date night or a girls' night out! Plus, movies are expensive nowadays. With this you can actually get popcorn and a drink without spending an arm and a leg. ;)-MBM
Welcome to the Movie Madness Giveaway Event!

It's time for the Movie Madness Giveaway Event! With so many amazing movies out right now - We couldn't pick a better prize! This giveaway will offer 2 great gift card prizes. 

The Giveaway!
The first winner chosen will receive a $25 AMC gift card, and the second winner chosen will receive a $15 Fandango gift card. Entering to win this giveaway is very easy, with the Giveaway Tools form, below: 


Disclosure: The bloggers involved in this giveaway were not compensated, and are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Your Strong Tower will be sending the prize out. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter this giveaway. This giveaway starts February 1st, 2016, and will end on February 25th, 2016 at 11:59 pm. The winner will be emailed, and have 48 hours to respond, or a new winner will be chosen. Once a winner is drawn and confirmed, the name will be announced on the GiveawayTools form. Open to US residents only.