Thursday, October 19, 2017

Easy DIY Kids Tiger Costume

            Hey folks! Still looking for costume ideas for your kids? Or maybe you want to go the DIY route, but feel like you're not crafty enough or have enough time? If so, I have not one, but TWO posts you will want to check out today!
            If you've been hanging around for awhile, yes, you have probably noticed that we like to do a lot of crafty things around here. However, and please believe me, you do NOT have to be the ultra-crafty, Pinterest mom-type to be able to make your own kids costumes!
            Don't believe me? Check out this tutorial on how to easily (and cheaply!) make and put together a tiger costume! (This is with kids in mind, but you could totally make an adult version, if you're so inclined.)

What You'll Need:

-Black and white felt (Probably 1/4-1/2 yard of black; you'll want something bigger than those sheets you can buy in craft sections. White you'll want just enough for your chest piece.)
-Hot glue gun
-Fabric scissors (Otherwise you'll dull your normal ones in no time. Plus fabric ones just cut better for obvious reasons. ;) )
-Long-sleeve orange shirt (or t-shirt if you are in a warmer climate)
-Black or orange pants (we went with black because we already had some)
-Store bought tiger ears and tail costume kit

*Cut out a big white oval to go on the chest/belly.

*Cut out varying lengths of black stripes for the chest and belly. I looked up a picture of a real tiger for some inspiration. I found the less I thought about it as I was cutting, the better they turned out, if that makes sense.

*Cut varying lengths of black stripes to go on each arm. I “eyeballed” this and made ours to wrap around the long sleeves.

*Glue your white oval near the bottom of your shirt. (Tip: Make sure you work quickly, but smoothly with glue guns!)

*Arrange your stripes how you like, then go back and glue them to the sleeves.

*Arrange your stripes how you like them on the belly/chest of the shirt and glue them.

            See? Stupid easy! And, of course, it doesn't matter what order you cut your stripes out in or what order you glue them on in either. Now, let's do a little price break down, just for fun.

What We Paid: $10

-Shirt: $5
-Tiger tail & ears costume kit: $5
-Everything else we already had.

Possible Cost: $13

-This is with felt added in, which will probably be about $3 for ½ yard. If you also happen to need a glue gun, a cheap one will set you back around $2-5 and the sticks $3.

What do you think of this costume? I'd love to hear your thoughts below in the comments!

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  1. I love your little tiger! And her costume is precious. I love the simplicity of this, because Im not very good at crafty things.

  2. Oh Wow! This is fantastic! I love it! PInned! :) Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

  3. Thanks for sharing this amazing DIY project! I love this pretty tiger costume! I'm planning my daughter's first birthday party. The theme is Africa, so I hope this costume is a perfect idea :) I just need to change the proportions.

  4. I just used your tutorial to make a Shere Khan costume for my school's Jungle Book musical. Thank you for making this easy to follow. It turned out fantastic.
    (I used an orange shirt from the thrift shop $3 and about $4 of black felt by the yard).