Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Why We're Choosing to Homeschool

            Hey folks! I've been meaning to write this post for awhile now, but have forgotten/put it off. But, since my last post was about us starting "tot school", I thought now would be a good time to finally get around to sharing with you our reasons for deciding to homeschool! (In no particular order of importance.)

1) Neither one of us is happy with the increasing focus on test prep in public schools. We want our daughter to develop a lifetime love of learning, not just learning and memorizing something long enough to be able to pass a test. 

2) I would also like Myka to be able to learn at her own pace, whether that be somewhere in the middle, accelerated, or even a little bit slower than "normal". 

3) This kind of goes along with number 2, but individualized attention for our daughter is important to me too.

4) I realize life in general is full of dangers, but I think we can all agree that school violence (and bullying) are getting ridiculous.

5) As I've stated in previous posts, I am very interested in "different" teaching philosophies that incoroporate more of the things our family values.

6) Public school is getting pricey. I realize you will still probably be buying curriculums, computer programs, etc. for homeschool, but from what I have seen, in general it seems like a lot of these can be used for multiple ages/grades.

7) I like that homeschooling will help us stay connected as a family, but there are still plenty of socialization and extracurricular opportunities for homeschooled kids nowadays.

8) Personally, I feel like public schools expect too much of young children too soon.

            When I asked John if I had left anything out, he had these two things to say:

9) She will learn the correct way to do something the first time, not next year in the more advanced class. (He ran into this a lot in math and science classes and it really irritated him, obviously.)

10) Myka will receive just as good an education, if not better.

            Do any of you homeschool? What were your reasons for choosing to do so?

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  1. For us, the reason why we Homeschool is you get to mold your child the way you want and you get to see the best parts of your kids as they grow and learn. Simply priceless! Homeschooling for me is the best option for a child's education.