Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yard Work in Progress - Part 1

    I’m pretty excited we are having a garden and planting flowers this year, so I thought I would share some before, during, and after pictures of our yard since this is, after all, a blog about going green. ;) 
Note: We just bought and moved into our house last April. I was more worried about growing a baby at the time, so all of the landscaping was pre-existing. We are just beginning to spiff it up!
I didn't actually get a before picture of this area in front. This is AFTER I raked all of the leaves out and no, it's not that tiny pile sitting there either! It was like a clown car, but with leaves. 
This little area around the tree looks a LOT better just having my husband weed eat it!
This area is small, but it was a hot mess! There was an aloe plant (I think) underneath all of that, plus the big one in the pot it came from along with a cactus. Unfortunately, there were several other potted plants in various parts of the yard too. Who leaves potted plants outside?! Needless to say the pots (cheap plastic kind) were falling apart  and I just dumped most of them in the compost pile we started. 
This was probably the most fun out of all of the areas I worked on. It was basically just a thick blanket of weeds and leaves...And the weed eater crapped out on my husband right before he started here. Guess who ended up raking it all out? Honestly, though, I enjoyed it. It was nice being out in the yard and actually getting a work out of sorts. Oh, and believe it or not, there are rocks under there outlining where the bed is at! 
The beginning of our compost pile, which consists of a Christmas tree and leaves at this point. These are just the leaves from the front yard. You should have seen it AFTER we dumped all of the stuff from the previous picture in there! I swear it at least doubled in size.
Finally, this is where we're going to set our garden up. Yes, we are terracing it since the major downfall of our back yard is that it is on a slope. Welcome to Arkansas! ha ha

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

ReusaWool Dryer Balls Giveaway Code Word Page

Monday: wool
Tuesday: economical
Wednesday: eco-friendly
Thursday: natural
Friday: handmade
Saturday: laundry
Sunday: green

Mother Knows Breast Blogger Opp

Teen Toddler Newborn is celebrating Breastfeeding! We are calling this the “Mother Knows Breast Giveaway”! Our readers will get to see reviews of our favorite nursing products! Then have the chance to WIN them! There will one big winner! If you are expecting, trying to conceive or maybe a guest at an upcoming baby shower these giveaways are for you!!!
Current Sponsors include (with more being added daily):

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If you are a PR rep or WAHM representing a company dealing in Nursing products we are still accepting sponsors! If you are interested please email redheadcreated (at) gmail (dot) com.
If you are a blogger interested in celebrating with us please keep reading. This event is FREE to join, however there are some actions required.
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Maximum 25 bloggers.
Accepting sponsors until mid April. Event to begin April 29! Ends on May 20th.
These terms may change. I will email each blogger if/when they do!
Sign up to CO-HOST HERE! CLOSED Sign up as a “participant” HERE.
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Woolino Baby Sleep Giveaway

If you have never seen or heard of these sleep bags and swaddlers, they look and sound amazing! Plus they would be the perfect gift with this nasty, late winter weather a large part of the country has been experiencing. Read up on them and enter the giveaway below!

Do you ever wish there was material for baby wear that would keep baby dry, warm in cold weather, cool in hot weather, naturally breathable, without chemicals, and easy to care for? I'm here to tell you that merino wool is all of the above! It's really a miracle material that's perfect year round for everyone, but especially for kids.    

Woolino merino baby sleep sacks have a host of amazing features. It is perfect at home or on the go and fits into a compact pouch. Strategically placed snaps make the size adjustable and diaper changes easy. Your baby will be comfortable in a Woolino 4 Season baby sleeping bag in temperatures ranging from 63 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a travel bag, room thermometer, and it is in a plastic-free, ready-to-gift package!

The merino baby swaddle blanket and hat are great for those first three months before your baby fits into a merino baby sleep bag. Babies have a limited ability to regulate their own body temperature, the merino wool swaddle will keep your baby comfortable and snug from birth.

Our Favorite Features of Woolino Merino Wool: 
  • Naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal
  • Naturally fire resistant without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Sustainable, 100% natural Australian merino wool
  • Machine washable
  • Super soft on baby's skin
Our Favorite Features of the Woolino Baby and Toddler Sleep Sacks
  • Available in two sizes, 3 to 24 months and 2T to 4T
  • Seat belt slot for easy transfer from car to crib
  • GOTS certified organic cotton outer

Our Favorite Features of the Woolino Newborn Swaddle/Blanket: 
  • Large square size, 90 by 90 cm
  • Comes with matching newborn hat and swaddling instructions
  • Naturally stretchier, easier to wrap, and stays in place
  • Unlike shaped swaddles that are quickly outgrown, the wrap can be used as a stroller blanket, in the car, as a nursing cover, sun shade, etc. 
Purchase: The 2013 Collection Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bags retail for $119 (baby) to $139 (toddler) each, you can purchase it on the Woolino website. The swaddle set retails for $69. The Woolino products are also available on Amazon and select retailers across U.S. and Canada. 

Win One! Woolino is blessing one of you with a 2013 Collection Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag in your choice of size/color AND another winner will receive the Newborn Swaddle Set.

Special thanks to AnaB Social for hosting this giveaway. Huge thanks to all participating bloggers as well! Giveaway ends April 23rd at  11:59 pm, open to U.S. and Canadian residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Thank you!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. AnaB Social and participating event bloggers are not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Truly's Natural Deodorant Giveaway

I'd love to try some of this! My experimenting with homemade items like this has not been going so well. :D

Truly's Natural Deodorant Giveaway Hosted by Pea of Sweetness

 photo Pea_zps48aca040.jpg Your search is over! Truly's all natural deodorant works all day long to keep you fresh without harmful chemicals. Truly's Natural Deodorant contains only organic coconut oil, powdered sugar, baking soda, and beeswax. It is non-staining, non-stinging, fragrance free, and does not show up white on your clothing. If you do not find Truly's to be the most effective natural deodorant you have ever used, they will refund your purchase price. Unlike many natural deodorants, Truly's is not the least bit gummy or sticky, and will not leave a waxy buildup on clothing over time. Truly's goes on smooth and silky, leaving skin soft and needs no drying time.
Check out the full Truly'sNatural Deodorant review on Pea of Sweetness! Natural Deodorant
For More: Visit the Truly's Natural Deodorant Website and connect with them on Facebook
About the Giveaway: This giveaway begins on 3/23 at 7pm and ends on 4/6 at 11:00pm (times are CST) and is open to US residents ages 18+. Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools.
The Prize: One lucky winner will receive a Truly's Natural Deodorant!
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may be different than yours. Getting Green with Baby is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Plant Therapy Giveaway

Hey folks! In case you didn't win the previous Plant Therapy giveaway for the 14 Essentials Oils set, here is a second chance to win some awesome products from them! Life With My Two Kids is hosting this giveaway for Lemon Plant Therapy and Germ Fighter. Check out the review and enter below. Good luck!

Sponsored By: Plant TherapySDC13500 Hosted By: Life With My Two Kids Co Hosted By: Because My Momma Says So Giveaway Monkey Love From Elle The Herban Homestead Couponer Getting Green With Baby Spring Mountain Living You can win Germ Fighter & Lemon Plant Therapy. Read the review here. Enter on the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Wednesday: Easter Photo Project

Thanks for stopping by to check out my first DIY Wednesday! I haven’t decided yet, but I will probably be posting these every other week or once monthly. They WILL include some handy stuff too, like how to make household cleaners, baby items, and stuff like that, but the first few are going to be more craft related because I’m just in a crafty mood!
    Today’s project I actually did a year ago, but with Easter coming up shortly I felt like sharing this and hope you guys enjoy it! I would love to hear your feedback.
1)     Make sure you have enough eggs to a) spell out whatever name or word you would like (I used my daughter’s name) or b) dye as many different colors as you desire.
2)     Boil your eggs and color them however you would normally. We used good ole vinegar and food coloring for our dye and just made each egg a single, solid color. I like employing the K.I.S.S. method for most things in life. (Keep It Simple Stupid.) ;) I wouldn’t suggest putting any glitter or anything like that on them if you decide to use stickers.
3)     After your eggs are nice and dry, you can either paint the letters on your eggs or use stickers. The stickers I used were kind of thick. I would recommend the ones that are flat and somewhat flimsy so they will adhere and bend better to fit the shape of the egg. I also highly recommend not doing this on a rainy/humid day like I did. It certainly didn’t help the sticker situation, although the dew/rain drops can add a nice effect.
4)     Set your finished eggs in front of different, interesting textures (i.e. shutters, wood planks, gravel, etc. I think this would be neat for a boy’s name.) or different plants/outdoorsy things like flowers, bushes, trees. Whatever you like! You don’t have to of course, but I think it looks more interesting if each egg/letter is in front of a different material.
5)     Picture time! Try to get a close up picture without too much glare of each egg. (Gotta love digital cameras so you can see what they look like and delete the ones that don’t turn out how you like!)
6)     Print out your pictures and do whatever you like with them. I’ll be honest, I STILL haven’t done anything with mine yet. I was going to use them to spell out my daughter’s name and frame them and hang them on the wall in her bedroom, but I ended up painting wooden letters for that. I do have several ideas of what you could do with them. A) Get larger than normal prints and either frame each letter individually to spell out your word or name or put all of the letters in the same frame and use for a decoration. B) Print up the pictures and use them in a baby or scrapbook. How cute, fun, and unique would that be? C) Print them on sticker/adhesive paper and let your child use them to play with. D) Use them on Easter pictures. Add them to the pictures themselves using a photo editing program or print out sticker ones and add them to your photos. E) Personalize your child’s Easter basket with them.

Here are some of the ones I made last year. I just love them!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review - 529 Baby Semi-Custom Medium Wet Bag

    I recently purchased another great product that I felt like sharing with you guys. It came just in time, too! With my daughter going to a babysitter now that I am working again, I finally decided to give in and purchase a wet bag.
    Lately I have been trying to get better about purchasing from small businesses and companies who make their products in the good ole U.S. Someone on my Facebook page had mentioned 529 Baby, so I checked out her website and decided to give her wet bags a try.
    Not that she didn’t already have some really cute ones made and ready to ship, but I decided to get mine in a fun tie-dye print. She has many other fabrics to choose from too if you decide to go that route. I ordered a medium sized one and it is very generously sized in my opinion. We are still using pre-folds and covers for the most part and I could fit at least 2 days worth of pre-folds and 2-3 covers in it. I think that’s pretty good! I probably could have stuffed more in, but that just seemed icky to me to pack it that full. (This is my first experience with a wet bag and I’m still trying to get used to it!)
    I haven’t really had a chance to ask Myka’s babysitter how she liked it yet, but we did get to try it out on an impromptu trip to where I grew up in Indiana, which is about a 13-15 hour drive from where we live now.  Yikes, right? The thought of having to change a poopy diaper in public along with carrying around a wet bag and all that fun stuff has scared the crap out of me from the beginning, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. The wet bag came in really handy. We had no problems at all with leaks and it kept the odor in great! (Definitely a bonus on that long of a car ride with a 5 month old!)
    One of my main concerns was how it would hold up after washing it a few times, but it has exceeded my expectations! It looks just as good as the day it arrived in the mail. J
    There are a few other nice things about her wet bags I would like to add, one of which are the handles. I love the snap handles! They make it easy to carry and to hang on a door nob or towel rack. If you order a semi-custom large bag you can choose between 3 different handle styles. Nifty! I also like that the PUL material on the inside is made in the U.S. She also makes kitchen and mama cloth wet bags, pail liners, toddler bibs, and produce bags. Last, but not least, she even included two 10% off coupon codes for my next purchase. It was also nice that the care instructions were printed on the coupon as well.
    So, if you’re in the market for a wet bag in the near future, I highly recommend 529 Baby! Affordable prices for quality products made here right in the U.S.!

Conscious Box Giveaway

Hey folks! Raise your hand if you like free stuff! *Let's see..One, two, three, four....Ok. That's what I thought.* NOW raise your hand if you especially love free stuff that's good for you AND the environment! *One, two, three, four, five, six, seven....* Great! Do you happen to like surprises too? Well, even if you don't, I still have good news for you!

Conscious Box is giving away a 3 month subscription (normally a $59 value!) to one of you lucky readers out there! Never heard of Conscious Box? Click HERE to learn more about it. In a nutshell, it's a great company that strives to provide you with natural, sustainable, earth-friendly products you can feel good about trying and using. For a reasonable price, you can receive new boxes each month with 10-20 quality products to try. Also, did I mention it's free to create a profile on their website? You really should check it out!

How about making the deal even sweeter? If you choose to subscribe to Conscious Box, they are currently offering a 50% off discount (no joke!) if you use the code "DISCOVERNATURAL".

Not a fan of surprises? That's ok. You can browse through their online store and order products you know you would like or would like to try!

Don't forget to check out and like Conscious Box's Facebook page as well HERE and share with your friends. Be sure to tell them Getting Green with Baby sent you!

Last, but not least, didn't I mention something about a giveaway? Be sure to enter below for your chance to win a 3 month subscription to Conscious Box and good luck! :)

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated monetarily for this post/review from Conscious Box. All opinions expressed within are my own. I will, however, be receiving a free Conscious Box of my own. I am not responsible for product shipping.

"Amateur" Photographer...

    More like "immature" photographer (hardy har), but does anyone else like to dress your kids up and pretend you're an amateur photographer? As you may have gathered, one of the main reasons I like to make home, hygiene, and baby items myself is to cut costs where possible. My penny pinching habits don't stop there, though.
    I have loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember and now that I have my daughter I especially love taking pictures of her, of course. However, I'm starting to wonder if I have gone too far with it, even though I don't really care if I have. :D While I respect professional photographers, I have thought for a long time that most of their prices are absurd! With that being said and being the tight wad that I am, I've not had any professional (or amateur) photos taken for any of the special events in my adult life that most people do. My husband and I didn't have any engagement pictures taken. The few family members we had at our wedding took our "wedding pictures". I never had any newborn or family photos taken when my daughter was born. My family and I took them. I have continued this pattern with her Christmas photos and soon Easter photos.
    Sure, professional ones look a lot more, well, professional, but I think doing it yourself is just as nice for several reasons. 1) You can take them whenever you want so you can catch your child in a good mood! 2) You're the one trying to make them smile or laugh, so they're probably more likely to do it for you than some stranger making stupid faces. ;) 3) It saves SO MUCH MONEY! You can make as many copies as you want and it should still be cheaper than having someone else do them. 4) You can use whatever props you want. 5) You can always edit them yourself with free photo editing programs like Gimp. 6) Personally, I like doing it myself because they seem more natural; baby is more relaxed and acting like normal and is in her usual environment. Maybe I'm just a fan of candids. :)
    I didn't intend on turning this post into some sort of diy crusade, although it appears that happened anyways. :D I'm certainly not trying to make anyone feel bad or mad about getting professional pictures taken either. But, if you're a cheapo like me, just give it a try one day. I actually had a lot of fun when I did Myka's Christmas pictures. (I think I was having more fun than she was at one point.) I'm still curious, though, do any of you do anything like this? I'd love to hear your thoughts or ideas!

    These are just a few. As you can see, I could have spiffed them up more and taken more time to make them look better, but I'm impatient and she was only 2 months old at the time so she was too! lol The bottom one I actually had my graphic designer friend fix for me. She does fantastic work on all sorts of things. Here is the link to her page if you're interested:

Bloom Into Baby Blogger Opp/Upcoming Event

Bloom Into Baby Event Coming Soon!!

Bloggers Sign Up Below

My Four Littles, Four Littles Media, and Everything Mommyhood are thrilled to bring you Bloom Into Baby!
This event will be a giveaway a day for over 6 weeks with over $4000 in prizes!
Special Thanks to Our Great Cohosts:
See all of our prizes on the Bloom Into Baby Pinterest Board!
Bloggers Sign Up Here

Monday, March 18, 2013

Stokke MyCarrier Giveaway

Are you a Babywearing mommy? Want to be? Or maybe your looking to try out a new baby carrier? Well You're in luck!!

Welcome to the Stokke MyCarrier Giveaway!

Photo Credits: Stokke

Hosted & Sponsored by: Mommys Craft Obsession

A big thank you to my lovely co-hosts:

This is a great giveaway for expecting mommies to enter! Even if you already have a baby, who doesn't want to try something new out?!

Enter to win a Stokke MyCarrier in Dark Navy! 
ARV $250

Photo Credits: Stokke

Photo Credits: Stokke

March 18th- April 1st.

Enter to win using the Rafflecopter Below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Giveaway will close late on the evening of April 1th. The winner will be chosen at random through Rafflecopter which uses The winner will be emailed and announced on the Rafflecopter. The winner will have their prize sent to them by Mommys Craft Obsession. All entries will be verified and must be done in their entirety for the selected person to be chosen as the winner. Winner has 48 hours after being notified to respond to the email and redeem their prize. If winner does not respond within 48 hours they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen. Must be 18 years and older. Participating Bloggers are not responsible for the prize shipment. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and all other media forms do not endorse and are affiliated with this giveaway. Stokke is in no way affiliated with this giveaway. US Residents Only.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

YesterYear Soap Giveaway

I LOVE natural soap and these sound AMAZING! Enter for a chance to win some of these soaps made with natural ingredients!


This event is sponsored by YesterYear Soaps and hosted by The Stuff of Success.  Thank you to all the other bloggers who are helping to promote this event.

YesterYear soaps are made from all natural vegetable oils, scented with pure essential oils from plant extracts and colored with organic herbs. They use no synthetic fragrances, colorants or preservatives in any of their soap products.
All natural ingredients including: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Water.
Each bar weighs about 3.5 oz. and they come in a gift box with recycled lining.
Find a review for YesterYear Soap HERE.
YesterYear Soaps has offered to give a TSOS lucky reader a three pack of their natural soaps (scents to be randomly selected).  Enter through the giveaway tool below.
I LOVE natural soap and these sound AMAZING. Enter for your chance to win some of these soaps made with natural ingredients!

This event is hosted by The Stuff of Success and special thanks to all the blogs, like Getting Green with Baby, in helping to promote this event. 

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Getting Green with Baby is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact The Stuff of Success with questions or for information to have your business or blog featured on the next big event!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Giveaways and Family Emergency

In case you happen to read this and I am currently promoting one of your giveaways, I will be out of state for several days for a family emergency. I will be unable to promote and have no time to schedule posts because we are getting packed now. If you need to take me off of the rafflecoptor form I understand. Thanks.

PB Crave Giveaway

Sponsored by: PB Crave
Check out Everything Mommyhood's review HERE.
PB Crave is all natural peanut butter with natural ingredients!

This looks and sounds soooo good, plus it has natural ingredients! Even better!

One Lucky Winner will win a CoCo Bananas Prize Pack with a value of $20.
Winner MUST be in the lower 48 states.
Giveaway ends 3/18 at 11:59pm ET.

Disclosure: This blog is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. All opinions are that of my own and may differ from your own.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review - Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Bamboo Diaper Liners & Wipes

            In case you haven’t seen, Target is now selling Charlie Banana brand diapers and some accessories! I’ll be honest, I have not tried any of these diapers personally, but I have heard good things about them from a friend. While checking out the products they are selling at Target the other day, I came across these bamboo diaper liners. I HAD to try them out!
            I can be rather picky and hard to please at times, but I honestly have NOTHING bad to say about these liners! First of all, they are very soft. They kind of remind me of dryer sheets in the way they look, just a lot softer. (And not full of chemicals, of course.) I love that they’re made from bamboo, but was also kind of surprised because they are flushable! Even better, they are super thin so it doesn’t add any extra bulk to baby’s diapers! This is a big plus for me because my poor child already has enough bulk going on down there. They come in a fairly compact box, so you still have plenty of room at your changing station or could even put them in your diaper bag. The box I bought has 100 pieces and I believe the price was around $10. I thought that was a pretty good deal considering I only use them for the anticipated “poopy time”. That brings me to my next perk of these liners.
            You’re probably wondering, “Ok, so how do they hold up?” Like I said, I don’t actually use the Charlie Banana diapers; I am still using prefolds, flatfolds, and covers. The liners still work nicely with these! With them being so thin, you are still going to have some poo to wash off of whatever diaper you are using if your baby doesn’t have really solid poops, but they do seem to help with staining. I like these because you can just toss these with the poop into the toilet and flush all of it instead of having a battle of poo vs. sprayer (or whatever method of diaper rinsing you use). ;) These can also be wetted and used as wipes, although I have not tried that. I highly recommend you check these out and give them a try yourself!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Charlie Banana in any way, shape, or form. I was not paid to write this review and all opinions expressed within are my own. I was not sent this product to review; I bought it myself and decided to write a review on them simply because I thought they were a great product and wanted to share. J

Wealth of Health Giveaway 2

Welcome to the second part of the Wealth of Health Giveaway! In case you missed it, please be sure to check out the first part and feel free to enter it as well when you are done entering on this page! Also, this contest will run from 3/7-4/8 instead of the dates given below. Thanks for understanding!

Over 15 wonderful sponsored prizes are available in this Wealth of Health Giveaway. So many participated we have to split it into two giveaways. Not just one person will win all of this. A new name will be pulled for each item so your chances of winning something just increased drastically!!!

The Wealth of Health Giveaway includes:
Blender Bottle
32 oz. Solstice water bottle from Cool Gear (2 winners)
Boogie Wipes
Sweaty Bands
Zaggora Hot Pants
Spi Belt
Quantum Scale
Precision Pro Digital Kitchen scale

The Wealth of Health - Goin' Green Giveaway includes:
*A 4 pc. Blemish relief kit from Skin Free
*Chop Savers lip protection (2 pc)
*PrinceReigns ingrown hair serum (4 winners)
*Softish throat drops from Pine Bros. (3 pc)
*Toe Juice combo pack
*Source Toothbrush from Radius
*Laundry Soda from Nellies All Natural
*Fridge purifier and laundry ball from Oransi
*$25 gift voucher to Glass Dharma - glass straws (2 winners)
*Naturally Fresh Deoderant Crystals, spray mist and MoistStic lip protection (3 pc.)
*Rockin' Green laundry detergent, dog house rock and odor neutralizer ( 3 pc)
Be sure to enter the Wealth of Health - Goin' Green Giveaway. You can Click HERE once you are finished with the giveaway below. 

Disclosure: This Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to All About My Deals and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for communications and entry into the contest. Participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Entries are not mandatory although the more entries you submit increases your odds of winning.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wealth of Health Giveaway Part 1 - Goin' Green

With so many great products to give away, there are not one, but TWO entry forms in this double giveaway!   Here is the first. You can use the link right before the rafflecopter to go to the second one and enter when you're through here! One last thing: this contest will be running from 3/7-4/8 instead of the dates given in the picture below. Good luck!
Open to US Resident. 
Over 15 wonderful sponsored prizes are available in this Wealth of Health Giveaway. So many participated we have to split it into two giveaways. Not just one person will win all of this. A new name will be pulled for each item so your chances of winning something just increased drastically!!!

The Wealth of Health - Goin' Green Giveaway includes:
4 pc. Blemish relief kit from Skin Free
Chop Savers lip protection (2 pc)
Source Toothbrush from Radius
PrinceReigns ingrown hair serum (4 Winners)
Softish throat drops from Pine Bros. (3 pc)
Laundry Soda from Nellies All Natural
Toe Juice combo pack
Fridge purifier and laundry ball from Oransi
$25 gift voucher to Glass Dharma (2 winners)
Rockin' Green laundry detergent, dog house rock and odor neutralizer (3 pc)
Naturally Fresh Deoderant Crystals, spray mist and MoistStic lip protection (3 pc.)

The Wealth of Health Giveaway includes:
Blender Bottle
32 oz. Solstice water bottle from Cool Gear (2 winners)
Boogie Wipes
Sweaty Bands
Zaggora Hot Pants
Spi Belt
Quantum Scale
Precision Pro Digital Kitchen scale

Be sure to enter the other Wealth of Health Giveaway as well. You can Click HERE once you are finished with the giveaway below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure: This Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You understand that you are providing your information to All About My Deals and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for communications and entry into the contest. Participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Entries are not mandatory although the more entries you submit increases your odds of winning.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway

I'm not going to lie; I've been dying to try these out. I will be jealous of whoever wins them. ;)

My Life in Shades of Gray is excited to share the 

 Woolzies Dryer Balls Giveaway

Woolzies are pure handmade New Zealand wool dryer balls that soften your laundry naturally without any of the chemicals of conventional fabric softeners. Unlike the plastic dryer balls, they are PVC free and won't fall apart or melt on you.

Woolzies saves you time and energy by cutting down on drying time by an average of 25% per load. They also help reduce static and wrinkles.

As far as dryer balls go, you can't get much safer and natural than these!

Benefits of using Woolzies Dryer Balls
  • Woolzies Dryer Balls are Guaranteed to Last for 1,000 Loads
  • Softens Naturally
  • Reduces Drying Time by 25%
  • Reduces Static
  • Helps Eliminate Wrinkles
  • Chemical Free
  • Safe for People with Wool Sensitivities
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Handmade from Fine New Zealand Wool
 Read more about Woolzies Dryer Balls 
in my Product Review HERE

 In this giveaway, ONE (1) lucky winner will win a box of Six Woolzies Dryer Balls
(*retail value of Woolzies Dryer Balls are $34.95)

About the Giveaway
Sponsor: Woolzies Dryer Balls
Host: My Life in Shades of Gray

This giveaway begins on 3/2/2013 and ends on 3/28/2013 at 11:59pm (times are EST)

The Giveaway is open Worldwide to ages 18+

Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools.

The Prize: A Set of Woolzies (6) Dryer Balls

Winners will have 48 hours to respond to winning email or an alternate winner will be selected.

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Fan Appreciation Giveaway

In case you didn't see on my Facebook page, I just reached 500 fans so, as promised, I will be holding a small giveaway for a $25 Etsy gift card! It will only be active for one week, so be sure to enter soon! In the infamous words of Sally Field, "You like me! You really like me!" ;)

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Into Cloth Blogger Opp

Sponsors included to date:
Bummis Cloth Diapering
Charlies Soap
Rockin Green Soap
Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Drammy Droopers Soft Bums
Snappi Baby
Prize Pack Retail Value $200+
Event Dates (these are tentative): 4/7 - 4/21
Free Facebook OR Twitter with announcement post or $5 fee. (Announcement post can be found HERE)
Co-Host- $7 (4 links and a back link)
Extra Links- $2 (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, or Email ONLY)
Daily Vote Link- $4
All Payments need to be made via Paypal as a GIFT to darcibean AT gmail DOT com
Most referrals get a free host page, so make sure you promote!

Mama Madness Giveaway

These two prizes are A-MA-ZING! I especially like that natural/organic products were included as well. You definitely don't want to miss out on this giveaway. Good luck!

Lets celebrate Mama this March with a Mama Madness giveaway hop!

Over $400 worth of prizes and 2 people will win. 

Hosted by So Sew Mama

One winner will receive the package below!

This elegant birthstone bracelet will make a big, bold statement. Choose your birthstone and your kids initial. Courtesy of DLaPaix

Teething Bling!  This is such an adorably stylish way to keep any babies attention. Bright, bold and beautiful. Win one of your own! 

One in stock cloth diaper from MICHELLDESIGN

ChubbyBaby Romper. You can find my review here. Perfect for any little girl. (review)

Mommy and me hat set from Marlows Gift Cottage.

Maternity Gown by Mommie Moxie (not pictured).

One winner will receive these amazing prizes below!

New Baby Gift Set from Branwens Botanicals  organic baby bum spritz organic natural nipple butter organic diaper balm branwens botanicals

My Feeding Friend Nursing Plush Pillow (review)

A Custom Made Diaper from Two Hip Peaz in a Pod

3 sets of Swircles Nursing Pads.

Changing Pad cover from Mommie Moxie.

Fleece Diaper Cover from londonware

Custom cut chenille blanket by LynneSellers

$25 Gift Certificate to HoneyBeeHolistics

Giveaway Time
Dates: March 1 - 20
Grand Prize at For Him and My family!!

Please read: Terms & Conditions: open to residents of the US. Must be 18 years or older. Void where prohibited by. Winning depends on the total number of eligible entries received. Once the winners has been selected and contacted, winners will have 48 hours to respond or new winners will be selected. 

Good Luck!
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**Disclosure: So Sew Mama and Getting Green with Baby are not responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment. I was not compensated for this post. Some of the items noted above were received for review purposes. All opinion are 100% my own.