Monday, January 30, 2017

Homesteading Update-Moving Mr.Bruce & Prepping for Spring

             Hey folks! I hadn't planned on it, but here we are again with another homesteading post this Monday. :) I can't help myself. We're excited for spring to get here already. I blame the unseasonably warm weather we've been having!

             As I've mentioned before, Mr.Bruce, our American Guinea Hog, has done a MUCH better job of tilling our garden for us than anticipated. With that being said, we probably should have and could have moved him much sooner than now. My in-laws are supposed to be coming over tomorrow to help move his fence and his house. (It will be SO much easier with 4 of us, I can just feel it!) Since we had to remove his harness because he's gotten so damn big over the past few months (he's a little over 8 months old now!), our method of moving him should be interesting. This will consist of getting him back in his “baby pen” and pretty much scooting him along. Ha ha Good thing we aren't moving him far from his current “pasture”.
             Besides being eager for our tax return this year so we can hopefully use some of it to do some more repairs on the house, I would also really like to “invest” in a lady friend for Mr.Bruce. This has always kind of been the plan so he has a friend, but the more we read/watch about American Guinea Hogs and how rare they are and how much you can make from selling piglets each year, we are becoming even more anxious to get him a lady friend! (You know what's awesome about Guinea Hogs? You don't have to separate the males from the females after they have their babies like a lot of animals!)

             John also started working on a mini-greenhouse a month or so ago. Unfortunately, the plastic he got for it was thinner than he expected, so I think he's waiting to get some sturdier stuff to finish it or double layer it with the thin when he gets time or something. I don't really know, to be honest. Ha ha I'm sure it will get done before spring, though. ;) I'm looking forward to having extra room (and more heat!) for plant starts this year. We always start more than we need, too, so hopefully I can make some extra money selling some through a local homesteading group on Facebook too!

             I'm not sure why I put it off for so long because it wasn't NEARLY as bad as I thought it would be, but we finally got around to cleaning the sunroom out the other day. This is where we usually keep our plant starts and do our “experiments”. Ha ha We needed to dump a bunch of stuff out that didn't work (told you; experiments) and there was just a bunch of random stuff that needed to be dealt with. It was one of my winter to-do projects and now it's nice and ready for planting!
             We've bought a ton of seeds already (in fact, as soon as I write this I'm making a master list of what all we do have). We even let Myka pick out what she would like to grow in her own patch of garden this year, so that should be interesting. She's not very good about following through with things because, you know, she's FOUR.
             Are you already planning for the spring too? What are your current projects or goals?

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Kinderfeets Valentine's Day Giveaway

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

7 Tips for a Successful VBAC

             Hey, mamas! (Hopefully there are some papas-to-be reading this too. ;) ) Making the decision to go for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) is a huge deal. Many factors go into this choice and all weigh differently for each individual and couple according to their own personal circumstances. With that being said, if you are still debating whether trying for a VBAC is the right decision for you, you can check out some of my posts from a previous VBAC Series I did on the blog a few years ago. If you or your baby mama are in the process of gathering suggestions on how to have the best chances of a successful VBAC, read on!

*Find a Supportive Provider

This might be the most important suggestion I (and many other mamas who have gone for a VBAC) have to give. If you don't have a VBAC-friendly provider, your whole pregnancy and birth are going to be an uphill battle. Plus, you'll just be putting more stress on yourself. I (and again, many other moms) recommend driving even further to a nearby city if you are unable to find a supportive provider closer to home. (We drove over an hour!)
Be sure to look into hospital policies as well. Just because your provider may be open to VBACs does not necessarily mean the hospital where they deliver are or the other doctors in his/her practice, for that matter, who may be on call when you go into labor.
Also be sure to look for warning signs that may indicate that your doctor or midwife is NOT as VBAC-friendly as they seem.

*Communication is Key

...With your doctor/midwife, significant other/birthing partner, hospital staff at the time of birth, etc. Make your desires known to everyone (within reason ;) ) who will be involved with your pregnancy and birth so there is no confusion when the time comes and you may not even be able to talk!

*Know What You Want

Or at least have a very good idea and be willing to fight for it. Not to undermine medical providers, but you may need to back up your reasons for wanting to do certain things with facts, statistics, and research, which brings me to...

*Educate Yourself

Research everything you can relating to VBACS: risks of actually trying for the vaginal birth, pregnancy risk factors that can make a VBAC more difficult to obtain, statistics on these items, etc. Read VBAC birth stories too, both good and bad. You can read my own VBAC story with my second daughter HERE.

*Learn to Advocate for Yourself

This is an absolute must and quite possibly just as important as finding a supportive provider. You must learn to stand up for yourself and what you believe in. It also helps to have a partner who is in board as well, of course.

*Be Open to Changes

Make and be open to contingency plans...But don't dwell on them. Positive thinking is so important when planning a VBAC. It's easy to worry about just about everything, trust me, but make those “what if?” plans and lock them in the back of your mind until the need arises for them. (Which hopefully it won't!)

*Prenatal Yoga & Exercise Ball

I am not a health nut by any means, but I am SO glad I started yoga while I was pregnant! It made me less cranky, more relaxed, and most importantly, limbered me up both in the short and long term. I really do think it helped me have a relatively easy labor. In fact, many of the poses can be used to help you through contractions.
I also invested in an exercise ball at about 37 weeks. Supposedly, it can help you thin your cervix and get baby to lower in your pelvis. If nothing else, bouncing on it off and on all day will help make your legs stronger, which helps during labor. ;)

             Please keep in mind these are just my suggestions from my own personal experience. I'm sure there are some other things other moms who have had successful VBACs would include in this list. The most important thing is to listen to your instincts!

I am not a medical practitioner of any sort, therefore none of the information, advice, or recommendations above should be taken as professional medical advice. I am not liable for any injury that may come from the above information. Always consult with your medical practitioner before trying anything new or if you have any questions about anything during pregnancy and birth.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mommy-To-Be & Me Giveaway

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Monday, January 23, 2017

You Get Out What You Put In: Chicken Feed Edition

             Hey folks! I know it's only January, but...I'm excited to get some more homesteading posts going again! Are you?
             Since it's still too early for plants, sadly, today we're going to talk about, you guessed it, chickens! We've been talking about switching their feed diet to something...better, for awhile. You know how it goes, though, and we got into the habit of just buying the cheap Rural King brand Country Road layer feed whenever we went to the “farm store”. (Don't get me wrong. I love Rural King. But it's not exactly the best brand of feed. I'm getting to that.)
             This worked fine during the summer and most of fall since there was still plenty of grass, bugs, garden treats, berries, etc. for the chickens to eat, not to mention they actually prefer those things. Also, they were true free-ranged until August, if I remember correctly, when we finally got a “pasture” area set up for them because we were having too many chickens getting picked off by critters and, quite frankly, were sick of them pooping everywhere, eating the flowers off veggie plants, like the peppers, etc.

 You can see where they've left what they don't like as much, which is mostly the oats and corn.

             So, what does this have to do with anything? If I've never mentioned it before, I used to not be able to eat store bought eggs because they upset my stomach something fierce. John seems to think it's a soy allergy and is related to the chickens' diet. Since our chickens were getting most of their food intake from other things than the feed, I could eat their eggs just fine. Woo hoo! I love eggs. I'm so happy I can eat them more often again! However, once it started getting toward late fall and the daylight got shorter and the chickens weren't spending as much time outdoors, their eggs started upsetting my stomach. Not writhing in pain, laying in bed for hours upset like store-bought ones used to make me, but stomach pain and, ahem, some gastrointestinal distress, shall we say. Still not fun things to deal with.
             Needless to say, we finally HAD to make a switch! No point in keeping chickens if you can't eat their eggs, right? You might not think a chicken's diet makes much of a difference in the quality of their eggs, but I'm here to testify that it does! We switched them to a “soy-free, whole grain and seed” diet. Here is a rough breakdown of what we're currently including in it below. (We are planning on making some substitutions eventually, but I'll get to that in a minute.)

*Cracked Corn-25%
*Sunflower Seed-25%
*Gelatin (for protein)
*Vitamin & Probiotic Mix

You can watch a video of us mixing this up on YouTube.

             We bought all of this separately and mixed it up ourselves. Our mix listed above cost us about $60 for 250 pounds. A similar, commercial brand is $34 for 25 pounds! Needless to say, the cost savings speaks for itself! Plus, it lasts a helluva lot longer.
             Eventually, we would like to replace the sorghum, millet, and oats with peas, wheat, and barley because it's better for them and they like it better. As of right now we haven't researched more into affordable suppliers of these things, but what we have included now seems to be working just fine for everyone. :)
             I should also mention that we roughly measure out their feed each day (according to how many chickens we have and how much they should be eating per day, which is 1/3 pound of feed per chicken) and soak it in water overnight. This allows it to ferment some, which makes it easier to digest for the chickens and they eat less because it makes the vitamins, minerals, and protein in the feed more readily available. And yes, we have definitely seen a drastic difference in the amount of feed they eat each day!
             I think that about covers it! We're not chicken nutritionists by any means, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask below in the comments and we'll do our best to answer them! What do you feed your flock?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Learning With Reading Eggs & Mathseeds

            Hey folks! I don't know if you know or not, but I am an affiliate with Educents. You may have seen some of my gift guide posts around Christmas, most recently. They are always offering sweet deals on stuff, holding giveaways, giving away free trials through their affiliates, etc. I was recently able to take advantage of a 28 day free trial to Reading Eggs through Educents. Myka and I have only been trying it out for a few days, but we both love it so much that I felt the need to share about it with you all!
             Reading Eggs is an online program geared towards 3-7 year olds. (It also includes Reading Eggspress for advanced readers 7-13 years old.) As you can imagine, the end goal of it is to help your youngsters learn to read and, perhaps more importantly, develop a love of reading. However, this program is a bit different from such programs as Hooked on Phonics (at least the little bit of it that I have explored) in that it first teaches letter recognition, which is something Myka, my 4 year old, REALLY needs to work on! For this reason, I knew we had to give this a try and was excited to!
             When you first start the program, you are given two options. You can choose to start at the very beginning, like we did, or have your child complete an assessment test to see where they should start, if they have some previous knowledge of letters and such. From what I can tell so far from the option we chose, the letter recognition portion starts out with “common letters”. For example, Myka just started lesson 3 this evening, which focuses on letter “I” and her first two lessons were on “M” and “S”. 

            Now that you know a little about Reading Eggs, here are some other aspects I/we like about it:

*It's engaging for young kids. Myka feels like she is playing games, which she is, but I think she realizes she's learning too, so it's a win/win!

*You can have progress reports on your child's progress sent to your email.

*For kids who can't read at all yet there is an audio option on some of the games that require it. For example, there is a game where you must choose which picture starts with the letter you are currently working on. So, even if you're not sure what the picture is supposed to be or you are unable to sit with your child and help them when needed, they are able to complete it on their own.

*I like that most of the games say the sound the letter makes instead of the letter name itself. I feel like this will really help with phonemic awareness.

*You can stop in the middle of a lesson and pick back up where you left off. You can also repeat lessons if they need to work on that particular area more.

*I kind of like that Reading Eggs is an online program so your child isn't just able to play it on your home computer. However, with our crummy internet situation, I kind of wish it was a download.

*Depending on what subscription you choose, you can also have access to their math program, MathSeeds...

             To be totally honest here, Myka has been much more interested in the MathSeeds portion. Don't get me wrong: I'm happy that she takes after her dad and naturally gravitates towards math and science, but the main reason I wanted to try this program out was so she could work on letter recognition! I'm not sure I would venture as far as saying she's behind in this area, but I'm afraid she will be before long if we don't really buckle down. I know she'll learn letters and how to read eventually, but like any parent, I just don't want to see her fall behind. Not to mention I'll feel like I'm failing her since I'M the teacher!

Shapes and patterns are included in the math portion too!

             Whether you let your children “play” on the computer much or not, I highly recommend checking out Reading Eggs and MathSeeds. My 4 year old definitely still needs some help with the reading/letter recognition portion, but I can see the gears turning in her head. :) Plus, it's only been a few days! I don't expect miracles overnight. (Though wouldn't that be nice!) She is doing excellent on the math portion. It has really helped solidify the numbers she already knows.
             You can check out both programs for yourself on their website (don't forget to sign up for your own free trial!) and stay up-to-date with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Mixed Bag Mama was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own and may differ from your own.
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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Birthday Weekend

             So...Last weekend was certainly interesting. I turned the big 3-0 on Saturday and Ripley turned 1 on Sunday. Things definitely didn't go as planned, but they were still a lot better than my birthday last year when I was holding a pity party for myself. I was over 40 weeks pregnant and VERY over it, hubby was at work, so I sat around feeling sorry for myself, crying, and eating birthday cake. Ha ha
             Originally, the kids and I were supposed to stay with my parents for the weekend. My parents and I were supposed to go to an ice hockey game Saturday night while the kids stayed with one of my aunts. Well, as usual, there is always some kind of crappy weather every year on my birthday and they were calling for ice. Yuck. So mom kind of decided for us that she didn't want to risk us coming up, so we visited on Thursday and stayed all night. 

             Since my husband was already planning on re-flooring and re-painting our bathroom, I decided to get the kids out. But, I'm getting a little ahead of myself. That morning when I went out to feed Mr.Bruce (our American Guinea Hog, if you're not familiar with our zoo) I noticed there was a problem with him. I'd rather not go into details as I already feel horrible enough because it was basically my fault for not noticing it sooner, but let's just say I had planned on getting him some antibiotic powder from Rural King...Until we realized they changed some laws at the beginning of the year basically stating that you need a veterinary prescription. * sigh * We have been taking care of it with what we have at home and are keeping an eye on it. He seems to already be feeling better today.
             We made the mistake of saying something about getting chickens in front of Myka, so we pretty much still had to go to the farm store after that. Oh well. An excuse to get out of the house, right? And after all, they were only a DOLLAR for pullets! $1! We hadn't wanted to get more chickens this early, but come on!
             Naturally, Myka about drove me crazy at the store. I love her enthusiasm, but...damn. It's a little too much sometimes. And yes, there is such a thing as being too enthusiastic! It goes without saying that she gets REALLY excited about baby chicks! She had to talk to everyone, which was entertaining, but at the same time I felt I had to talk to them, which is normally fine, I don't mind socializing with strangers while we're out and about, but I was trying to make sure Ripley didn't fall out of the cart because, wouldn't you know it, I picked the friggin' cart that had a broken belt and was trying to grab my own chicks all at the same time! 

             Anyways, we get done after what feels like forever, get in the car, check my phone, and...hubby needs some random plumbing part. * sigh * So I drag the kids back in and they are completely out of the thing I needed. * double sigh * Get back in the car, head to Menards and hooray! they have what we need. Myka's still acting a fool, playing with small plumbing parts and talking to anyone who will listen to her as I'm trying to talk to my husband on the phone and make sure I got the right thing. Oh. He needs two. Well, shit. I had the employee grab the first one for me.
             We eventually make it home and I drop the kids off and offer to go get pizza. (We live too far in the sticks for delivery. :( ) I pick up the pizzas as well as some treats for myself (a new purse finally and a bottle of wine!) and get home to find that NEITHER of the pizzas were made correctly. -_- I know, I know. That's what I get for not checking. I never remember to check. So my father in-law had to run back to town to get them fixed.

             So here I am, writing this on Sunday. Today's been relatively uneventful, thank God! I stayed up way too late and am a little hungover, to be honest...enough to be annoyingly scatter-brained. I haven't gotten nearly as much done on the computer as I would have liked. Myka and I started on a new homeschool theme while Ripley took a nap. Other than that I've been to keep Myka from killing the chickens with love and keep both of them out of the way and out of the hot mess in the bathroom! Whew!
             How was your weekend? Did you have any crazy misadventures? 

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Giveaway

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A Levoit Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp! ($120 RV)

The Elora Salt Lamp is amazing! The Levoit website states that “Each lamp emits ions that counter-balance electromagnetic radiation caused by your household appliances, reducing physical fatigue, stress and sluggishness. This natural ionization pulls harmful contaminants and allergens out of the air so you can breathe easier and enjoy more restful sleep.” How can that be anything, but good?!

Open To US and must be 18+ to enter
Giveaway Dates ~ 1/15 9:00 AM EST through 1/31 11:59PM EST
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Better Night's Sleep For You & Baby Giveaway

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Make Valentine's Day a Hit With Peaceable Kingdom! (Valentines Review)

peaceable kingdom valentines cards review

             Hey folks! I know what you're probably thinking after reading the title of this post: “Valentine's Day? Already?! We just got done with Christmas and New Year's!” Valid points, but the fact remains that Valentine's Day is only a little over a month away. With that being said...
             I'm not really a fan of Valentine's Day, to be totally honest. However, I think most of us enjoyed giving and receiving those little cards as kids (myself included), decorating special mail boxes to put them in, etc. Plus, with so many options to choose from nowadays, half the fun is picking just the right Valentine's cards out to share with friends!
             That's where Peaceable Kingdom comes in. You may remember we had the opportunity to review their fun preschooler game Count Your Chickens! a few months ago (which was a big hit). Other than board games, they also off such fun things as stickers/tattoos, stationary, and even Valentine's Day cards! They have plenty to choose from, including several new designs this year, which we were able to check out and you can read about below. But first, here are some general things to know about Peaceable Kingdom's Valentine's.

*All Valentine's come in boxes with 28 cards.
*Most include 4 related designs in each box.
*Includes envelopes
*Each set varies, but cards are geared for 3-5 year olds and up
*Many gender neutral sets to choose from
*Word games, scratch n' sniff, and bookmark cards are just a few categories to choose from!
*Most retail for $12.99/box

cookies & cream scratch & sniff v-day cards

             We were able to check out two of the new Valentine's Day cards, the Tic Tac Toe Valentines and Cookies & Cream Scratch & Sniff Valentines. You might be wondering why we would review Valentines at all since we're homeschooling, but the homeschool group here has a party, which I was excited to learn about! Since the children's ages in the group vary quite a bit, I thought these particular cards would serve well. Plus, they are gender neutral, which is also a bonus! (Though they did have some really fun “girly” cards. Ssshh. Don't tell Myka!) 

tic tac toes v-day cards

             I also liked that there is a generous number of cards included in each box. From what I hear, class sizes seem to keep going up, but 28 should be plenty for everyone in your child's class. At $12.99 for most boxes, I feel like they are reasonably priced. Given, I have no clue how much store bought ones cost nowadays, but it seems like back in the day they only came in boxes of 12 or 24 for $4-$6, roughly, and as we all know, most things have gone up in price since we were kids!
             Peaceable Kingdom has all kinds of fun cards to choose from too, as I mentioned above. Aside from the yummy chocolate-smelling scratch & sniff and colorful tic tac toe game cards we reviewed, there is a paper airplane one, tattoo cards, pencil toppers, and cootie catcher game, to name a few. Your kids will be sure to find ones they and their classmates will enjoy!

scratch & sniff card back

             The Cookies & Cream Scratch & Sniff Valentines are suggested for ages 4+, but I think they would be acceptable for any age, which makes them a perfect option for preschoolers and kindergarteners. The chocolate scent actually smells pretty good too! They, along with all of the other options, are the perfect size for small hands. 

myka scratch & sniff card

             The Tic Tac Toe Valentines are recommended for ages 5+, according to the box, which I think is probably just about right age-wise. Myka just turned 4 in October and while she can play, she doesn't quite get the strategy behind the game. ;) I love the idea of having games on the cards for the added element of fun and being multi-functional. It's a pretty cute idea too, if you think about it, with the X's and O's. ;)

tic tac toes cards back

             Don't wait until the last minute! Order some Valentines today that are sure to please your kids and their friends! And, if you didn't already know, you will be supporting a business that strives to be green, which you can read more about here. Stay up-to-date with Peaceable Kingdom on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube

Mixed Bag Mama received products in order to facilitate this review. Regardless, all opinions are my own and may differ from your own.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Make Learning Shapes Fun with This Simple Activity

            Today's post is a special guest post from has all kinds of resources, free and paid, for teachers and parents alike. The activity below is great for teaching shapes in a more engaged way...and might just be the perfect activity for your little ones who might be getting restless indoors this time of year!

            If your child is just learning about shapes, this matching activity is a great way to practice shape identification and introduce basic geometry skills. Each craft stick will have only half of a shape. She'll have to match up the stick pair and place them side by side to complete each shape.

What You Need:
  • At least 20 craft sticks (make sure you have an even number and maybe even some extras in case of mistakes)
  • Markers in assorted colors
What You Do:
  1. Place two craft sticks directly next to each other.
  2. Help your child draw a shape on the two sticks. Try to split the shape equally between the sticks.
  3. Repeat step 2 until your kid has created as many shape stick pairs as she wants.
  4. Have her mix up the sticks.
  5. Encourage your child to match the sticks to create shapes.
Craft stick shapes activity

            The shapes you use don't need to be complicated. Have your child try drawing a circle, square, triangle, and whatever else is easy. Also, take the opportunity to talk about the concept of symmetry and help your child understand which shapes she created for her puzzle game are symmetrical and which aren't. Before you know it your child will be a master matcher.

            If you want, you can extend this activity into a shape observation game. How many different circles can she find in your house? What about squares? As she plays games like this, it will become easier and easier for her to recognize different shapes and their special characteristics.

This is a guest post from Opinions are those of the original author.
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