Friday, July 4, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy!

            Hey folks! I try to keep my "boring" personal posts to a minimum, but honestly, I just haven't had time for anything else lately, so I apologize. I was hoping this week would be less busy since we visited a lot of family last week. Boy was I wrong!
            We stayed home all day Monday except to play at the park for about an hour in the evening. Tuesday we visited my friend Lindy and her little boy who is only 3 months younger than Myka. It's kind of convenient too since she only lives a block away from my parents' house. :) After we walked home and Myka too a nap, we went and visited Lindy's parents at their house. They were always like extra parents to me growing up since Lindy and I were together so often. After THAT, I was a bad mommy and kept Myka out late because I visited my friend Caitlin at the park.
            I don't think I went anywhere exciting Wednesday, but I did get caught up on a lot of "chores". I'm still behind on "computer stuff", which is driving me crazy! I'm blaming it on my mom's computer because compared to mine it is slower than snail snot. In all fairness, we did just upgrade a LOT of stuff on mine with our tax return this year. Still. I want to not feel like I'm on the computer all the time!
            It doesn't help that I've been job hunting on the computer as well. Actually, I figured it might be kind of pointless to even actually look for a job because so many people have their applications online nowadays.
            Speaking of job applications, I did have an interview the other day, but as it turns out would only be 15-20 hours a week for minimum wage...It's also a 20 minute drive. I'll pass. I'd like part-time, I think, but I was thinking of something closer to 30 hours a week.
Someone had this, along with some other kids stuff, in front of their house with a "free" sign next to it on the way home from my interview. Awesome! (Yes, I gave it a good scrub.)

            Thursday we drove all over the place again. First, I went and borrowed a table for the craft fair today from one of my cousins. We ran to a second hand kids shop in the next town north of us to look for an extra carseat to put in my mom's car. We actually got lucky and they had ONE for kids Myka's size...And also found more toys that she doesn't need. :/ FINALLY, my stepdad was nice and let me borrow his easy up tent for the craft fair today, so I went and set that up yesterday evening and helped my husband's aunt with hers. (She and my mother in-law make and sell jewelry.)
            Whew! It's been a busy week! Maybe things will finally calm down some next week. Wish me luck for the craft fair today that we will sell a lot of items! I'm sure I'll let you know all about it Monday. ;) Happy 4th of July! Be safe!

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