Monday, July 14, 2014

Giving My Child Things Without My Permission: A Parenting Rant

            As some of you may have gathered, I'm a little, erm, particular when it comes to my daughter and her care. Ok, fine. I can be a downright OCD, control freak, wench when it comes to certain things. Naturally, since we have moved back home we are around friends and family a lot. Those friends and family like to give, offer, and put things on Myka...Without asking me first. And it greatly annoys me.
            I really did try to make an effort to let some things go at first, honest. I know a little sugar won't kill her. I can't say much about mom using disposable diapers with her when she babysits since it's usually not for very long, I already use them at night anyways, she's the one who bought them, and I should just be thankful that she is even babysitting, right? But one fact remains: I AM THE MOM.
            My daughter has a tendency to be sensitive to certain things as far as her skin goes (can't use store bought wipes if I wanted to, for example). I don't WANT you putting lotion on her. As far as I'm concerned, lotion usage just creates a vicious cycle where your skin starts NEEDING it to stay hydrated appropriately. Plus, why the hell do you think we make our own bath and body products? I don't want that store bought crap on her!
            I really don't like for her to eat other people's food unless they ask if it's ok either. While the only thing we know for absolute sure she can't eat is celery, my husband's side of the family tends to have quite a few weird food aversions. Myka had a few bites of my friend's food when we went out to eat yesterday and ended up with an upset tummy later that evening, which I was afraid of.
            Don't get me started on the Gerber crap either. I know plenty of parents let their children eat it, but I am not one of them. My mom, knowing that I never buy it because I don't like it, bought her some anyways a week or so ago. While I did let Myka try it and thought it was hilarious and was admittedly pleased with her and myself when she didn't like it, it still pisses me off to no end that she just blatantly doesn't care about my wishes and bought it anyways.
            I also had two different people at different places try to offer my kid sweets while out and about. At the grocery store, an employee asked me if Myka had had a c-o-o-k-i-e (yes, she literally spelled it out like that) yet and that the bakery was giving them out for free to kids. Yes, I very occasionally let Myka have a treat, but she's not even 2. She doesn't need an effing cookie!
            Again, when we were out to eat with my friend, the waitress offered/asked to let Myka try some marshmallows. (Totally random, right?) Me, not wanting to look like the ball-busting mommy bitch that I really am, said "sure, why not?" I was again secretly pleased when Myka promptly spit the mini marshmallow out.
            So, do I just need to lighten up? Or do I need to start speaking up more, even if I do sound like the insane person I really am? She is my daughter after all, right?

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