Thursday, October 19, 2017

Easy DIY Toddler Spider Costume

            Hey folks! As promised, here is round 2 of the easy Halloween costume posts. While we made this for our toddler, you could, of course, make it for older kids as well. Oh! And if you missed the first post, you can click on over to see how to make an easy and affordable tiger costume.

What You'll Need:

-Long blacked sleeved shirt
-Black Pants
-Black tube or crew socks (We used mens, but in hindsight, you might want to go with smaller ones for smaller children.)
-Black felt
-Filling for socks (Can be just about anything. We just happened to have some polyfil. You might also try newspaper or straw.)
-Hot glue gun
-Safety pins
-String (optional)
-Large needle (optional)

*First, get 6 of your tube socks and fill them to your desire.

*Next, cut two strips of black felt. You want them wide enough to glue your socks to and long enough to run the length of the shirt from roughly the armpits to the bottom. (I thought this was where John was going to pin it, but they ended up on the back. You will see what I mean later.)

*Glue your socks closed.

*Glue 3 socks on each piece of felt.

*We also put some extra glue on the backs of the socks just for extra durability.

*This part is optional, but you can attach each leg with a string or yarn and leave a loop at the end that your child can hold or secure near the bottom of their sleeve somewhere. This just makes all of their “spider legs” move whenever your child moves his or her real arms. :)

*Finally, secure your legs where you need/like with safety pins and you're done!

What We Paid: $13
-Socks: $5
-Shirt: $4
-Pants: $4
-Everything else we already had (Felt, safety pins, etc.)

Possible Cost: $22 (With Polyfil and safety pins added.)

            Do you believe me now that you don't have to be Susie Homemaker to make your own Halloween costumes? ;) What will your children be dressing up as for Halloween?

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  1. That turned out great! She's adorable and looks ready for some Halloween fun. :-)

  2. This is too cute!! Pinned again! Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost x