Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A MUCH Better Road Trip Experience!

            Hey folks! I am still super behind on posts, but thought I would try to get a quick one in while the beast is sleeping. :D
            Our "road trip" to Indiana went a LOT better than I expected. After our awful trip to Oklahoma in April, I was nervous that Myka would be a little monster again. She did really good, though, which made the actual driving part a lot less stressful even though IT wasn't as nerve wracking as I had expected either. I've never been on a long car trip like that, let alone being responsible for another human being as well.
            Other than Myka being a happy camper for the majority of the time, I was really glad we didn't run into any storms because I hate driving in them. I'd rather drive in snow, to be real honest. I did take a few pictures of some questionable looking clouds while stopped in a Walmart parking lot trying to get ahold of my mom and husband so they wouldn't worry. This was somewhere in southern Illinois, I think.
            I'd also just like to say thank God for gps devices and my mom being nice and paying for us to stay in a hotel one night. I still can't believe I had originally planned on driving all the way through. There is no way in hell! As for our Garmin, well, I'm just glad that wench wasn't trying to kill me for once...Although she's much more well behaved than our Tomtom was. He tried to get us to drive off mountain sides in Tennessee several times. But that's a whole other story. ;)
            Ok, so this and the next picture aren't actually from the drive here, but you know me. I love taking pictures. :) No, this is not a botanical gardens. (Although I did tell my stepdad they should start charging admission. lol) This is my parents yard and it is RICIDULOUS! Poor Myka is bound to get lost in the jungle, but at least it's pretty. ;)

            We got to eat at one of the restaurants I've been missing out on in Arkansas: Steak 'n Shake! Myka was being entertained by my husband's cousin's daughter...Did that make any sense? lol She looks so cute in her little hat. :) Next long lost restaurant visit: Culver's, for some heart clogging, butter burger goodness!

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