Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July Weekend Continued...A Happier Post

            Hey folks! If you happened to read Monday's post, I was less than thrilled about how things turned out this weekend as being a vendor at my very first craft fair. But, even though I will openly admit that I have a tendency to be a Debbie Downer, I also have a secret positive side too. ;) I do try to look at most things in a positive light, even if it's not always obvious to others.
My aunt in-law is sneaky and took this at the craft fair on the 4th and sent it to my husband without telling me at first. ha ha

            Other than the fair and farmers market, I had a pretty nice, albeit busy, 4th of July weekend. Tipton Park also happened to be celebrating their 100th anniversary this weekend and had lots of family friendly activities going on. Friday evening mom, Myka, and I went out there to play and listen to the community band perform. (Once a band nerd, always a band nerd. lol) It was so funny to watch Myka dancing, not to mention provide her own brand of entertainment to all of the people out there. She was running all over the place "schmoozing" with everyone. The elderly women from Autumnwood Village (as assisted living community here) were especially loving her shenanigans. I'm not going to lie: It melted my heart to not only see the smiles Myka was bringing to their faces, but the fact that they were able to get out and enjoy something like that in the community. Have I ever mentioned I have a soft spot for the elderly? :)
            Saturday morning, as I already mentioned in my previous post, I did my first farmers market in Tipton. It wasn't very busy, or so I was told by a couple of people, but I was able to sell a few things. That afternoon we went out to the park AGAIN to check out some of the anniversary activities with my mom, aunt Mary, and one of her granddaughters who is visiting for a couple of weeks with her sister and dad. 
            My mom mostly wanted to go because there was supposed to be a bluegrass group playing, although she said whoever was playing didn't play any bluegrass music. :/ I didn't really get to hear much music because we (Myka, Haley, and I) ended up standing in line FOR-EV-ER to go on the horse drawn wagon ride. Myka ended up enjoying it so much that she threw a fit when we got off and wanted right back on. :(
            After that I tried to be "nice mommy" and got Myka some free homemade ice cream they were serving, but lo and behold she wouldn't try it. lol Oh darn. I had to eat all of its deliciousness myself! Her loss. I don't give her many treats like that. ;)
            I have to admit, that was probably one of the most enjoyable 4th of July weekends I've had for awhile. It was nice visiting with my brother and sister in-law for the past few years, of course, but all of the males on my husband's side of the family are firework maniacs and, as previously stated, I hate fireworks. Myka doesn't like them either, for now, so I was happy to have a legitimate excuse that people didn't question as to why I didn't go see any fireworks shows. I had a much more enjoyable time listening to music and seeing my daughter play and put smiles on strangers' faces. :) My only regret? Not having any cute pictures!

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