Friday, July 8, 2016

Imagine OS Bamboo Fitted Diaper Review

             Hey, cloth lovers! It's already day 5 of the Fabulous Fitteds Event here on Mixed Bag Mama. That means we're that much closer to the big giveaway at the end! 

             Today I have another company to share with you that many of you are probably already familiar with: Imagine Baby Products. If you've not familiar with them, they offer pretty much every type of cloth diaper you can think of: fitteds, flats, pocket diapers, all-in-one diapers, even wool covers! (And more.) They also offer cloth diapering accessories, such as pail liners, wet bags, and wipes, so really, it's like a one stop diaper shop! The best part? Their prices are VERY affordable!
             I recently tried out their, you guessed it, one size bamboo fitted diaper. It is comprised of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, so it's both really absorbent AND super soft! It comes with a snap-in soaker that's made up of 4 layers, so you end up with a total of 6 thirsty layers. Recommended for babies and toddlers from 8-35 pounds, the Imagine OS bamboo fitted has 3 rise settings so you're sure to get the right fit for your child.

What I liked:

-It's really absorbent with the insert. The only time I've had an issue with it “leaking” was my own fault. We had a weird night after she had her 4 month vaccinations and I just had it on her for too long and she had eaten twice. All the other times I've used it on her for anywhere from 8-11 hours without issues, even with poop!

-Again, I'm a fan of the snap-in inserts. Since most of the poo ends up on the insert, I find them easier to clean and they certainly help with drying time!

-I like how soft and floppy this diaper is. It seems like it would be comfortable for baby to wear and be easier for older babies to move around in since it's not stiff like some fitteds.

-You can get this with snaps or aplix. (aka Velcro) I've been coming around to snaps recently, but I'm still a fan of aplix. I'm learning firsthand what people are talking about when they say their baby is inbetween sizes on snaps and not being able to get a good fit. (Not with this diaper, but with other fitteds we have.)

-It's quick and easy to put on. I'm not sure exactly what makes this one so much easier for me to get on than others. I'd like to think it's because there are enough snaps that I'm not fidgeting with it trying to get it just right or at least close...And because it's so floppy and stretchy.

-The crotch is nice and wide, which makes it a good option for older babies and toddlers. Plus, you should be able to get some extra inserts in there if you have a heavy wetter.

-At $16.95, it's at the lower end of the price spectrum for fitteds, especially those made with bamboo!

What I had issues with:

-While very absorbent, I've noticed it seems to all concentrate in the crotch area. This makes sense, obviously, but it's like the pee doesn't spread much, which could be an issue when she gets older and has deluge pees as toddlers seem to do.

-It's bulky on younger babies with the insert, but that's to be expected with most one size diapers.

-Even though it does dry quicker by being able to remove the snap-in insert, it still takes quite a bit of time to dry completely. (Also to be expected with bamboo diapers, from my experience.)

-It might have more to do with the cover I usually use with this fitted diaper, but I've noticed part of the front top of the waist gets kind of tucked inside of the diaper during the night. This hasn't caused us any issues if she just gets wet during the night, but poo has gotten on the wool cover because of this.

In case you missed yesterday's review of the EcoPosh cover, here are some shots of it over the Imagine Bamboo Fitted.

             Overall I'm really pleased with the Imagine One Size Bamboo Fitted, especially for the price. It's a great way to start your fitted diaper stash out. You can find out more about all of Imagine's cloth diapers and related baby products and purchase your own bamboo fitted by visiting their website. (Be sure to use coupon code mbmama to save a little! Ends August 31st at midnight.) Stay up-to-date with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Don't forget to come back Tuesday for a chance to win your own OS Bamboo Fitted from Imagine Baby Products in the big Fabulous Fitteds Giveaway!

Mixed Bag Mama received a product in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and may differ from your own.


  1. These look like pretty cool cloths. If I was to ever do it all over again, I'd look into these. Sarah #FabFridayPost

  2. Bamboo is always a happy one to choose from as they are so similar quality of smoothness and silkiest. I will miss the use of these in cloth nappies. Thank you for sharing #FabFridayPost

  3. I've used imagine newborn sized covers and prefolds and loved them. I'm excited to give their other products a try. With their amazing prices it makes it easy to do. 😉

    1. I'd love to try their covers and prefolds! That's what we mainly use during the day. I'm hoping to try out their wool covers soon too!