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Dri-Line Bamboo Baby Form Fitted Diaper Review

             Hey folks! It's day 6 of the Fabulous Fitteds Event here on Mixed Bag Mama. We're getting closer and closer to that giveaway!

             Today I'm sharing a company that you may not be familiar with as it is one of our Canadian-based neighbors to the north: Dri-Line Products Ltd. Dri-Line offers a whole slew of products, including, of course, baby diapers and other child and baby necessities, home and healthcare products, such as hospital gowns and mattress protectors, and bags and blankets, to name a few. Their baby line will keep your little one comfy-cozy with everything from cloth diapers to receiving blankets to sleepers!

             I recently had the opportunity to try out their Bamboo Baby Form Fitted Diaper. In case you haven't noticed, bamboo is one of my new favorite things, especially when it comes to cloth diapers. This bad boy isn't just made of the bamboo viscose (which tends to be on the thinner side), but instead of bamboo rayon fleece. What's the big deal? That means it's SUPER absorbent! With four different sizes and the option of snaps or aplix, you and your child both are sure to love the fit of these diapers.

What I Liked:

-Super thick and absorbent! (More on that below.)

-Not too bulky, which is kind of surprising since it's such a thick diaper.

-It fit in my “small cover”. (Babee Greens) This surprised me as well again because of the thickness.

-This is one of our better fitting fitted diapers. Perhaps it's because these are sized diapers or just that all babies are different shapes, but this one really seems to fit my average sized baby well.

-It's easy to use. I think as cloth diapering parents we all have had some diapers that we just have to, well, fidget with more than others to get just right. This is not one of those, which is especially nice because if you have older children whom you also cloth diapered, you know diaper changes get more and more difficult as baby gets more mobile!

-The Bamboo Baby Form Fitted Diapers hold up a long time, even without extra inserts, doublers, ect. This is a major plus in my book because it makes for a less bulky diaper!

-This goes along with the previous statement and I wasn't sure whether to list this as a pro or con, so here it goes. (I guess it just depends on whether your child is a heavy wetter or not.) There is not much room for “poofy” inserts, but again, there's really no need for them, especially since these are sized diapers and they seem to be holding up to my average wetter just fine.

-Don't tell the other guys, but this is my favorite fitted that I have reviewed for this event. If you've been following me for awhile, I would hope that you know I don't throw compliments out lightly. If I had to choose one fitted diaper to completely repopulate my stash of fitteds with, it would be this one.

Roughly 5 months old with the medium on.

What I Wasn't So Crazy About:

-The snaps are kind of hard. I'm hoping they just need “broken in” some.

-I received both a medium and large Bamboo Baby Form Fitted Diaper to try out since Little Bit was right in-between the sizes when we received them. The size discrepancy between the two seems a little large. The medium still fits ok, but it is starting to get to where it's not covering as much of her booty/backside as I would like. The large, however, is so big that I can't even use the snaps yet and have used a Boingo fastener the few times I've used it because hey, why not? This might just be a personal preference, though, as far as how much I like having her behind/backside covered.

Size comparison. It may not look like much, but it's a big difference!

-They take FOR-EV-ER to dry completely. By far, they take the longest out of any of our diapers to dry. But honestly, I don't mind because I know it's just because they're so thick and absorbent! (In case you're wondering just how long, I usually line dry everything outside and stick the fitteds in the dryer for an additional 30 minutes or so to completely dry them and these are still always damp afterwards.)

             Now. A little more on absorbency...Little Bit went for a whopping 12 hours the first time trying this out with no inserts and the wool cover wasn't really wet on the outside. That's especially saying a lot because she went #2 also, which usually causes her diapers to leak for obvious reasons if I don't change her before she pees in it again for whatever reason. (Naps and night-time)
             As she's gotten a little older, I've started using a hemp doubler inside just to be safe. (Again, we only use these at night-time.) At least one time (that I recorded) she went for 8 hours and was completely dry on the front outside of the diaper. The only reason I changed her is because I didn't want to push it since her butt was fairly wet. (She's been sleeping in her crib instead of the bouncer most nights now.) However, I think the Bamboo Baby diaper could have lasted probably another 2 hours. (Have I mentioned how awesome the absorbency is?)
             I think it goes without saying that I would highly recommend Dri-Line's Bamboo Baby Form Fitted Diapers. I forgot to mention too that they start out at a mere $7. Yes, you read that right. $7! I will definitely by purchasing some more as Little Bit gets older and needs bigger sizes and you should too on their website! Don't forget to stay up-to-date with them on Facebook as well. And again, don't forget to come back Tuesday for a chance to win your own Bamboo Baby diaper (in winner's choice of size) along with many of the other great fitted diapers reviewed this week in the huge Fabulous Fitteds Giveaway!

Mixed Bag Mama received a product in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and may differ from your own.
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  1. Thanks for joining us over on Family Joy Linkup party. I have to confess I have never cloth diapered my own children. I do have memories of changing my brother's cloth diaper though! But the cloth diapers now are different than 20+ years ago.