Thursday, July 7, 2016

EcoPosh Wool Cover Review

             Hey folks! Welcome to day 4 of the Fabulous Fitteds Event here on Mixed Bag Mama. You know what goes hand in hand with fitted diapers? Wool covers! Wool is naturally moisture resistant and, once lanolized properly, makes for a nearly waterproof cover. Even more amazing, wool can hold up to 30% of its own weight before even feeling damp! How cool is that? On top of that, it's a natural, sustainable fabric that breathes easily, making it the perfect solution if you're having issues with diaper rashes while using cloth diapers.
             EcoPosh Wool Covers from Kangacare are one such wool cover in the cloth diapering world. You're probably already familiar with some of their diapers, such as Rumparooz and Lil Joeys newborn diapers. They also just revamped their Ecoposh Organic Bamboo Velour Fitteds with new colors and materials, which look super nice and I've heard very good things about already!
             Even though I'm still new to the world of wool, I am really digging the EcoPosh Wool Cover so far. It is made with merino wool, so you know it's soft. It is also made with a stretchy knit, so it has some give to it! As you can see, it's brown so it helps to hide * ahem * stains, which is nice.

Here are some other things I like about it:

-Even though there are two sizes, they are generously sized without being too big. There is lots of room in the crotch, making it perfect for larger fitteds and other overnight solutions, such as bulky prefolds.

-Since it has some stretch to it, I don't have to worry about it digging into her waist or legs.

-This goes along with it being stretchy and generously sized, but the main thing I love about it is that it fits over anything! I don't have to worry about whether one of my fitteds is too big to fit inside or deal with stuffing the leg cuffs of a fitted inside because the EcoPosh cover, well, covers everything.

-I really like the style of this cover, especially with the waist band and leg cuffs that you can either roll up or have out all the way. Not that I usually have any issues with poosplosions not being contained inside our fitteds, but I feel like it's extra protection!

What I had issues with:

-Since the waist band is not quite as stretchy and depending on the size of the diaper you are using underneath, there's sometimes a bit of fenagling to get the EcoPosh cover on. Honestly, though, it's not big enough of an issue to make me NOT want to use it. After all, aren't all baby clothes kind of hard to get on?

Over the Imagine Bamboo Fitted in tomorrow's review!
             Since we're talking about wool today, I feel like I should also mention some things about lanolizing, especially for those of you who may have been putting off investing in wool for this reason. Coming from a newbie, it is super easy. Seriously. Don't let lanolizing scare you off. I'm sure everyone has their own routines, but I've been handwashing them in the sink in lukewarm water with some wool wash. (In our case, Eucalan.) I'll let my garments sit for a bit and then add in a teeny tiny bit of MELTED lanolin and let them sit for a bit longer. When you're done, squeeze as much water out as you can and let air dry. (Many people recommend squeezing more water out between two towels.) That's it! Not scary at all, right? Not that time consuming, either.
             Also, even if you have a wool wash that contains lanolin, I still recommend using straight lanolin as well, especially if you're planning on mostly using your wool overnight. I tried it with just the Eucalan (which contains lanolin) at first because I didn't have any pure lanolin. While it wasn't terrible, I kept noticing wetness around the legs, so I finally got some pure lanolin and re-lanolized. It made the world of difference, so just do yourself the favor and properly lanolize from the get-go! ;)
             You can peruse all of Kangacare's products and find out where to purchase your own EcoPosh Wool Cover on their website. Stay up-to-date with them on all major social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Don't forget! Come back next Tuesday for a chance to win your own EcoPosh cover in the big giveaway!

I received a product in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. My opinions may differ from your own.
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  1. I have been tempted to try wool, but I didn't really understand what lanolizing is and it seemed like a lot of extra work. You make it sound quick and easy!

    1. It really is, I promise! Seriously. I'm lazy. If I say it's easy, it's easy. lol

  2. I love wool! I haven't tried EcoPost, I hadn't realized they were made by kangacare. I like that there are two sizes, rather than 3 or 4, and I love that they are made of merino!

    1. Me too. I don't like having to buy a bunch of different sizes as my kids get older, especially because I'm so used to one size diapers. ;)