Monday, July 11, 2016

Nelpe Fitted Diaper Review

             Hey there, party people! It's day 8 and the FINAL DAY of reviews before we get to the big Fabulous Fitteds Giveaway tomorrow! Woo hoo!
             Today I have a small business to share with you that specializes in cloth diapers: Nelpe. Nelpe is a mother-daughter collaboration based out of Littleton, Colorado. They offer cloth diaper covers, fitteds, and flats (all of my favorites!) and, best of all, they are affordable!

             Shelley from Nelpe gave me the opportunity to try out, you guessed it, one of their fitted diapers. They come in two sizes and we decided to go with the size 2 to be safe since Little Bit was approaching the limit of the size 1. Here's what I thought in a nutshell:

-Nelpe's fitteds are similar to the Imagine and Nicki's in that it is soft, floppy, and on the thinner side.

-Even though it is a sized diaper, it has a fold down rise on it like the Starry Nights Creations fitted I reviewed last week. These types of rises have really grown on me since I started reviewing them. It makes sense on this diaper too since it covers such a wide weight range.

-This one also surprised me in it's absorbency. We've gone 11 hours easily and have had no issues with leaking. Bamboo really is as fantastic as everyone makes it out to be!

-VERY stretchy. It's actually a little stretchier than I would like, but this will come in handy as baby reaches toddler size.

-Because of the extreme stretchiness, I would say the sizes run big, which Shelley did warn me about. As you'll see in the picture, I had to use a Boingo fastener at first because it was too big to secure the snaps!

This is actually from when I was still fastening it starting from the wrong side. ha ha Hey, whatever works, though, right?

-As far as ease of use, it took me a few times to get the hang of the Nelpe fitted. Even though it seems counterintuitive, I seem to personally have an easier time securing the stiffer diapers than the stretchy ones. I also found the left to right snapping weird. I always do the right wing first because I'm right handed, but you can't with this diaper. It felt like I was using a diaper specifically designed for a left-handed person. (Which might actually be easier for some of you!)

-Since this is similar to the Imagine and Nicki's Bamboo Fitteds, its dry time is the same too: medium for diapers in general and on the shorter end for bamboo.

-As I've mentioned in other reviews, pretty much everything fits in our EcoPosh cover. That's why I love it so much. However, this diaper barely fit under it. Needless to say, it's a bit big. But again, we have a size 2 which is intended for babies 15 to 40 pounds and Ripley is just now probably 15 pounds.

-The biggest qualm I had with the Nelpe fitted is the snap-in soaker. I wasn't crazy about the size and shape of it plus it is as wide as the diaper. Personally, I like any type of inserts to fit nicely inside the diaper, not flush with its edges.

             Overall, I am really starting to like this diaper. I will admit it wasn't my favorite at first, but now that I've gotten the hang of snapping it “backward” and am getting more used to the fold down rises in generally I am digging it. It's soft, absorbent, and very affordable compared to a lot of other fitteds on the market.
             Nelpe fitteds start off at $14.00 for a size 1, which you can purchase on their Etsy page, along with their covers and flat diapers. You can keep up-to-date with them on Facebook and Instagram. Come back tomorrow for a chance to win your own Nelpe fitted diaper along with other great prizes in the Fabulous Fitteds Giveaway!
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