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Nicki's Diapers Bamboo Fitted Overnight Diaper & Overnight Merino Wool Cover Review

             Hey folks! Welcome to day 7 of the Fabulous Fitteds Event here on Mixed Bag Mama. Only two more days until the giveaway! Who's excited?
             Most of you are probably familiar with today's company: Nicki's Diapers. Nicki's Diapers is your one stop shop for all things cloth diapering and natural parenting-related. Did you know that they even have their own line of diapers, which includes all-in-ones, pocket diapers, and even wool covers?

             I recently had the opportunity to try two items from this line: The Merino Wool Overnight Cover and Bamboo Overnight Fitted. I had never tried any of the diapers from the Nicki's line, but I had read great things about the overnight fitteds, so I was excited to try them out for myself! Who doesn't love a complete overnight solution to cloth diapering, right?
             Let's talk about the wool cover first.

-I love the style of this cover as it's similar to the EcoPosh, though I do wish it had fold down cuffs.

-Nice colors to choose from instead of boring ole standard ones. There is a teal (Lagoon), a dark pink (Mulberry), and gray (Stone). They're all really pretty if you're looking for some pizazz for your stash!

-They are pretty trim. They don't add a lot of bulk to your overnight solution.

-Perhaps I didn't wash it well enough the first time, but I noticed the dye bled onto our fitteds some. I haven't noticed any staining, though, after washing. (The fitteds, that is.) I'm not sure if this is normal.

-This is the first interlock wool cover we've tried. I'm not surprised, but it's not very stretchy, at least compared to our other ones. This is fine for daytime fitteds that aren't as bulky, but it gets tricky for our big mamba jambas at night.

-There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to what size of fitted I can get the Merino Wool Overnight Cover over. It fits over our Starry Nights Creations fitted, which is one of our larger ones since it is a one size diaper, but I couldn't even get all of the Nicki's Overnight Bamboo Fitted tucked inside! We had it on the smallest rise setting too and our wool cover is a medium, so I thought this was strange. Who knows. Maybe it's user error, but I tried.

-I find the leg cuffs to be a little tight for my liking. The medium we reviewed is for babies 14-22 pounds. We started using this when Ripley was around 13/14 pounds. Again, maybe our fitteds are just ridiculously big.

-I definitely wish the rise were higher in the back. I think we'd be able to use it with all of our fitteds then.

-With all of that being said, it works really well! It has easily held up for 10 hours. The only time it's leaked some was in the butt and it had been 2 or 3 weeks and we had been using it a lot since we were reviewing it, so I knew it was time to re-lanolize.

-Nicki's Merino Wool Overnight Cover is reasonably priced compared to similar covers at $29.99.

Nicki's Bamboo Overnight Fitted:

-Floppy and similar to the Imagine Bamboo Fitted.

-Bigger than I expected (even for an one-size) for being all floppy and relatively thin. Again, I couldn't get it to fit inside the wool cover. It's a bit bulky with the insert folded over to fit the rise setting, but the floppiness of the diaper makes it possible for Little Bit to close her legs more than with other fitteds, at least.

-Surprisingly absorbent! These thinner, floppy diapers amaze me at how much they can hold, but, it is bamboo. ;) Again, Ripley was 4 months old when we started trying this one out, close to 5, and it easily lasted 8-9 hours with no extra inserts. With the insert it comes with it has lasted at least 11 hours!

-Medium dry time and at the quicker end for bamboo. It's pretty close between this one and the Imagine Fitted as far as which one dries quicker.

-Super affordable! Nicki's Bamboo Overnight Fitteds are only $9.95, so it's no suprise that they are currently out of stock! These are definitely budget-friendly, especially since they are one-size as well.

-I think I mentioned this in the Imagine review as well, but I've noticed this fitted sort of gets scooted down in the front during the night too. I think it's just because it's so floppy and Ripley doing her leg lifts in the morning. Lol

-Size-wise, these are great for older babies and toddlers (day or night-time use) and overnight for younger babies, though it would probably work well during the day as well without the insert for younger babies. The size recommendation starts out at 8 pounds, but I feel like a baby that small would be swimming in this. However, that's the nature of one-size diapers in general.

             If you're ready to purchase your own Nicki's Diapers overnight cloth diapering solution or would like to peruse more of the diapers in this line and from other favorite brands, be sure to head over to their website. Use code "mixedbag" to save 5% on your order! (Good through the end of August.) Plus, you'll be interested to know that when you purchase a Nicki's Diaper's Exclusive Brand, a diaper or blanket (depending on which you purchase) is donated to a baby in need! Don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram as well to stay up-to-date on sales, giveaways, news, and more!
             Last, but not least, don't forget to come back on Tuesday for the chance to win your own Nicki's Merino Wool Overnight Cover in the Fabulous Fitteds Giveaway! See you then!
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  1. Great review of these products. I didn't know they made diapers out of bamboo - what a great idea. Thanks for sharing at Family Joy Blog Link-Up Party. Have a great week!

  2. I had no clue they made wool! What a great option!