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Starry Nights Creations One Size Nighty Night Fitted Overnight Diaper Review

             Hey folks! I am super excited to get this party started! Today marks the first day of the Fabulous Fitteds Cloth Diaper Event here on Mixed Bag Mama. All week long I'll be sharing reviews with you of some awesome fitted diapers (and some wool covers too!) and, this is the best part, at the end of the week there will be a giveaway for a huge prize pack where you will have the chance to win the majority of the diapers I reviewed and a gift certificate as well! You know me. I could ramble on, but let's get started. :)

             We're kicking off with a wonderful wahm store and her one size nighty night fitted overnight diaper. Starry Nights Creations store on Etsy offers an array of hybrid fitted diapers, many with fun, embroidered sayings on the butt, as well as many custom diaper slots and super soft baby blankets. If you're looking for a quality wahm diaper, look no further!
             The One Size Nighty Night Fitted Overnight Diaper is the perfect solution for overnight diapering, whether you're dealing with a heavy wetter, leaks, or rashes. Besides being made of super absorbent bamboo, it also comes with a sandwich style soaker AND an additional booster that snaps in to that for a total of 14 absorbent layers! Needless to say, you won't have to worry about leaking any more, even if you have a long sleeper or heavy wetter!
             It's not just made of any ole bamboo blend, but the inside is made of freakishly soft organic bamboo velour. (I may have rubbed my face against it it's so soft. That's not weird, right? Don't worry. It was before it was worn.) This obviously makes it super comfy for baby to wear plus, I have found that bamboo diapers in general tend to help with rash issues. 

             To be honest, before I got turned on to fitted diapers, we were still using disposables at night with Ripley. It's not that we couldn't find anything absorbent enough, but everything would give her a rash because she would have it on for so long. (Did I mention I'm super lucky and both of my kids have been good little sleepers from early on?) Anyways, bamboo has really helped with that issue and made it possible for us to cloth diaper at night again, so that's another thing I like about this diaper!
             Let's talk some more about the absorbency. When I first started using the Nighty Night diaper, little miss Ripley was about 3 ½ months old, so I didn't really have the need for the huge sandwich soaker. I can't remember how many hours I had it on her the first night, but I didn't include ANY inserts and it wasn't even close to being soaked. (She did only nurse and didn't have any formula that night, so that may be part of it, tbh.) The second time she had it on around 10 hours with just the little snap-in booster. It was pretty soaked in the middle, but still no leaks! In fact, the only time I've had any issues with it leaking is when she had it on for almost 12 hours and it just had the little snap-in again. That's pretty amazing, if you ask me! It is definitely our go-to diaper for long stretches because it is just so absorbent!

             Speaking of the soakers and booster, I very much like that they are snap-in. I find them to be a lot easier to clean that way plus they will dry quicker...Which is important because this is one of my longest drying diapers. In other words that make more sense, it takes quite a bit longer for both the soaker and the fitted diaper itself to dry than my other fitted diapers. But, looking at the bright side of that, that just means it's way more thirsty!

             I also like that this is a one size diaper, mostly because it is what I am accustomed to. Plus, that way you can use it from the time your baby is a month or so old until they are potty-trained. AND, you don't have to buy as many if you're worried about your diaper budget.
             I was actually quite surprised by how well this fit our Little Bit since one size diapers are kind of notorious for not fitting smaller babies very well. As I said, she was only around 3 ½ months old when we started using it and, without the sandwich style soaker, she's not swimming in it, surprisingly, but she still has room to grow. Yes, that's possible, evidently.
             As far as bulk, while I can fit it under our Best Bottom covers (which seem pretty generous in size in comparison to other PUL covers I've seen), it's very close. I unbutton our cover all the way and have the rise folded down on the Nighty Night diaper and it barely fits inside, so I'm worried about it not fitting when I don't have to have the rise folded down. But, it should fit fine under wool soakers like the EcoPosh cover I'll be reviewing in a few days, or wool shorties, etc. 

             Speaking of the rise, this is the first diaper that I have used with a fold down rise that still has snaps. It's been interesting. I wouldn't say I don't like it, but I personally have found that I prefer the diapers without snaps with the fold down rise just because you get a little bit of a better fit, in my opinion. 
             I would also like to mention the top notch quality of the Nighty Night diaper. Aside from the fabric itself, it is put together and sewn very well. I hate to say this, but I'm always a little nervous about the craftsmanship of new diapers, especially those I find on Etsy just because you never know until you see it in person and I'm sure there are probably some not so great ones out there, but I've been very lucky so far. I don't foresee having any problems with it wearing out or coming apart or anything crazy during its lifespan. I can see it easily lasting Ripley through potty training and still be in good shape if we decide to have another baby or sell it after we're through with it.
            If you're looking for a well made, super absorbent nighttime diaper that will last you from birth to potty training, definitely consider investing in the Nighty Night OS diaper! You can purchase your own One Size Nighty Night Fitted Overnight Diaper from SNCreations Store on Etsy and peruse all of her hybrid fitted diapers. Be sure to stay up-to-date with her on Facebook, Instagram, and join the buy/sell/trade/chatter group on Facebook! Don't forget to check out the giveaway next Tuesday where you'll have the chance to win your own Nighty Night Fitted Diaper!

I received this item in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. My opinions may differ from your own.
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  1. I used to used something similar to this. I can't remember what it is called now - but it did have 3 inserts inside - only 1. But I still love it! :) This looks so comfortable with more absorbency too! Thank you so much for sharing with us on #FabFridayPost

  2. We used cloth nappies though at night time I resulted to using disposables as I was fed up with leaks! It's great that your able to share this post and let families know about these nappies. Thanks for sharing #FanFridayPost

    1. We used disposables with our first daughter at night as well because we just couldn't find anything that worked! I'm sure if we had tried some different types of diapers like I have here we could have found something, but we just couldn't justify spending the money on them and not knowing whether they would work or not, so I totally get it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've never had the guts to try out this type of diaper. I really love just throwing the mess away, but I know it is so much worse for not only the environment, but your baby's skin, too. Thanks for joining us at the Family Joy Linkup, and hope you'll join us again this Sunday!

    1. ha ha That is the one thing I don't like about cloth diapers: Having to deal with the #2 ones. It doesn't really gross me out, it's just a hassle! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Im so happy that the quality is amazing and that it can really last freom birth till training!! So awesome!! Plus yay for being fabulously absorbent!!

  5. Wow, so many absorbent layers! We use "double stuffed" pocket diapers overnight, because that's the most absorbent thing we have right now. No leaks so far, but this seems like it will work better and be way more comfortable for babe, especially with a wool cover!

  6. Wow, so many absorbent layers! We use "double stuffed" pocket diapers overnight, because that's the most absorbent thing we have right now. No leaks so far, but this seems like it will work better and be way more comfortable for babe, especially with a wool cover!

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