Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Osocozy Birdseye Cotton Fitted Diaper Review

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             Hey cloth lovers and cloth curious! Welcome to day 3 of the Fabulous Fitteds Event here on Mixed Bag Mama. Today we've got a company that many of you have probably heard of before: Osocozy. Aside from fitted diapers, they also offer all-in-ones, regular flats and prefolds, organic flats, prefolds, and fitteds, as well as diapering accessories, such as wipes, diaper sprayer, and inserts.
I had the opportunity to try out one of their unbleached birdseye fitted diapers, so let's get right to it!

What I liked:

-This diaper is nice and trim, especially compared to most other fitted diapers.

-Because it's so trim, it makes for a great nap time diaper and comes in handy for long car rides or outings. This is one of my go-to diapers for the latter two things. I've easily had this on Little Bit for 6 hours with no extra inserts or anything and no leaks!

-I love all of the snap options! More snaps make for a better fit.

-Speaking of a better fit, these are sized diapers, which also helps in getting a better fit on baby and being much less bulky than some one size diapers.

-There's not a whole lot of “frill” around the legs, so there is minimal stuffing into covers to worry about. (Does anyone else get annoyed with stuffing the leg frill of fitteds into covers sometimes? No? Just me?)

-The cotton and trimness make for a very quick drying time!

-It was more absorbent than I expected for being so trim.

-I like that I can “hide” extra inserts or whatever I like under the built-in one.

-Starting at $7.50, this is definitely an economical diaper.

What I wasn't crazy about:

-Honestly, the only issue I have with the Osocozy snap fitted diaper is the size range. Obviously all babies are built differently. We received the small size, which is recommended for babies 6-18 pounds. While we are defnitely creeping towards the farther end of the weight range, I've found lately I'm just not getting a very good fit on my roughly 14 pound baby. It seems too small already.

-I wish the built-in insert were sewn at the back of the diaper instead of the front. Honestly, I think that's really just a personal preference thing, though. It doesn't really affect the performance of the diaper.

-I also find that, personally, not having elastic on the waist makes it kind of awkward getting the fit just right sometimes.

             While I did try this out at night a few times for review purposes, I would definitely say this is probably a better diaper for daytime use. That being said, Ripley had it on for almost 8 hours one night with just a half of a Gerber flat added for extra absorbency and it wasn't all that wet. Even the wool cover was dry.
             Peruse all that Osocozy has to offer on their website and be sure to shop your local diaper retailer or online at Kelly's Closet or Nicki's Diapers. Stay up-to-date with Osocozy on Facebook and Twitter. Don't forget: Come back next Tuesday and enter the huge prize pack giveaway, which will include a Size 1 Osocozy Birdseye Snap Fitted Diaper!

I received this item to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. My opinions may differ from your own.
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