Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why I've Become a Snap Convert

             Hey folks! While I think all of us who cloth diaper can agree that rinsing poopy cloth diapers out is not fun, I have to admit that I've kind of enjoyed playing around with cloth diapers again with our new baby. (Funny how that works, isn't it? They're so much cuter on a baby than a toddler who refuses to use the toilet, amiright?) Anyways, one aspect of cloth diapering that I've come around to at last is snaps for closures over aplix (aka Velcro).
             Once upon a time, I used to be pretty against snaps. If there was a diaper print I liked but it only came with snaps, I wouldn't get it. Why? Compared to aplix, they seemed like such a pita. I already thought the snap pajamas for babies were a nuisance, so why add more snaps to my life? Recently, though, I've changed my thinking for several reasons.

  1. You don't run the risk of getting stuck on them when rinsing. It's not happened very often, but there have been several times in the past (with Myka) that I would not notice that poo had gotten on the Velcro bits from rinsing a poopy diaper out until after I had completely washed and dried the diaper. Ew. I know a lot of you don't even bother rinsing poopy diapers out before the wash, but that majorly grosses me out. Not an option here.
  2. Snaps won't stick to everything else in the wash! We've probably all been there: You forget to secure the Velcro to the laundry tabs or they somehow came loose in the wash...and you end up doing a magic trick, pulling a looong line of diapers, clothes, and God knows what else out of the washer or dryer.
  3. Snaps won't wear out as quickly. This one is pretty obvious. Yah, aplix is a little easier to use, but it also wears out a helluva lot faster too!
  4. Snap diapers seem trimmer. Lots of people like Velcro closures because they feel they can get a better fit on baby. However, I'm realizing lately that there isn't really that much of a difference. (Or maybe I've not had to deal with my baby being “between sizes” yet?) In fact, I find the few diapers I do have with snaps seem to fit better and are more trim.
  5. They are harder for older babies/toddlers to undo! I didn't have to deal with this too much with Myka, but I can definitely see why it would be a plus for some!

             So, if you're planning on using your cloth diapers with multiply children or have a miniature nudist in the family, you may want to consider getting cloth diapers with snaps. :)

             What do you prefer? Aplix or snaps?


  1. I don't really have a preference! I think I have more snaps than aplix but that just sort of happened.

  2. I prefer snaps for alll those reasons you mentioned, but particularly for the times snaps have saved me from streaking toddlers. I love all the snaps.