Monday, July 25, 2016

A Day in the Life

             Hey folks! I don't know exactly what it is about them, but I enjoy reading “A Day in the Life” posts. Maybe it's because, after reading other posts of this type from other mom bloggers, I don't feel like I'm neglecting my children quite so much after all. (Not that I'm saying I think other mom bloggers do! Ha ha Just that I feel like I probably spend about the same amount of time with my kids as they do, from what I've read, and I'm happy to know I might be normal in this case.) Or maybe it's nice to read about shared experiences/issues of mothers with children who are close in age to my own. Perhaps it's just the authenticity that draws me in, especially after the recent debacle about a previous mommy blogger basically claiming that all mom bloggers are fake. (Not true!) Regardless, I hope you find some humor or kindredness in today's post where I'll be sharing one of my own days with you.

8:30-Little Bit wakes me up and she eats. I change her diaper after she's finished and she goes back to sleep around 9. She normally goes back to sleep pretty soon after her first morning feed, but she's been acting kind of funny lately. Not sure if it's a cold or teething.

9:00-I fluff our clothes in the dryer from yesterday so I can put the cloth diapers in later. I put some water on to boil for my oatmeal and hustle my bustle to feed the cats and let the chickens out. I'm normally pretty lax about this, but I checked the radar while Ripley was eating and I saw it was going to storm in the next hour or so.

9:30-After I let the raptors free, I put my oatmeal in and start the load of cloth diapers in the wash. Myka woke up around 9 when I was transferring cloth diapers to the hamper in her bathroom. She is (thankfully) watching Daniel Tiger on TV.

9:45-Looks like I fed the critters just in time. It starts pouring, my oatmeal gets done, and I hope to God Myka stays entertained by anything so I can get some blog stuff done while I eat!

10:00-Naturally, by the time I catch this list up, it is pouring so hard that the internet has gone out. Since we live in the sticks, we have satellite internet. Don't ever get it. It's terrible and over-priced.

We do some “school stuff” because Myka is always asking to now. This morning it consists of dot marker and coloring pages for the letter “R” and the number “2”.

10:30-We go outside and jump in puddles for awhile after the rain goes away.

11:00-12:40-Somehow this time turned into a hot mess of poorly timed bathing and a baby that pooped (before the bath, thank God), therefore was hungry sooner than normal. Let's not go into details.

12:45-I finaly get done showering and make some mac and cheese for the 3 year old because we eat healthy like that.

1:00-I'm about to go crazy at this point. It's the first full day of Mka being home after spending an extended holiday weekend at my parents' house and she's driving me nuts! Every 5 seconds it's something. She's WAY more demanding than the baby.

I'm finishing the mac and cheese and she's yelling from her bathroom that she's finished pooping. I get in there and it's a turd not even worth pooping.

1:15-We get to eat, finally, and I get some blogging stuff done too! Myka (gloriously) plays with her dinos and watches a movie by herself for a bit.

1:45-Ripley wakes up from a short nap. I finally get around to rinsing out the poopy diaper from, like, 2 hours ago. (Ew) Myka and I eat some graham crackers and do a puzzle.

2:00-We play on the floor, read books, and feed Ripley again. I convince Myka to at least lay down and rest for awhile around 3:15.

3:45-I FINALLY get giveaway HTML sent out for my Fabulous Fitteds Giveaway! It's literally the only thing I've wanted to get done all day so I'm not stressing out about it and so I can enjoy my kids and the rest of the day!

4:00-I start searching through this mess to find some very overdue doctor bills. By some miracle, both of the kids are napping! (Myka doesn't take naps very often any more.)

This is what most people have on their kitchen table, right? Noise cancelling headphones, work gloves, toy bins, a giant pile of mail, etc. etc.?

4:50-It literally takes me about this long to go through all three spots where we hoard mail, but I find the bills! Papa John gets home from work early.

5:00-6:00-We make out the evil bills, eat, change Ripley, boring stuff.

6:25-Big sister is somehow still asleep and Little Bit is ready for a nap. Woo hoo! Let's do some yardwork!

6:30-7:15-We went out and mowed some. Naturally, Myka woke up and came out right as we were spraying bug spray on and heading toward the barn, so I pulled her in the cart behind our mower...And then I ran out of gas. So Myka and I ran to town for gas because wouldn't you know, we were completely out.

7:30-I discover that, out of the three gas cans I could have chosen from, I picked the one with a cracked handle. (I didn't discover this until I was at the gas station, of course. It's always something!)

8:00ish-Come home and fill the mower up and put it away. Rinse out another poopy diaper from several hours ago.

8:30-Fold clothes, feed Ripley, and put her to bed around 9.

9:15-Sit down to catch this list up, watch some YouTube videos, and eat a sandwich. Myka is watching “Babe”. Probably because I mentioned we were going to get a pig soon.

10:15-Myka and daddy have been happily playing with dinos for awhile. I fold the cloth diapers at last. We put Myka to bed around 10:30. (I would say her late bed time is because she took a good nap, but I'd be lying.)

10:30-11:30-Hubby and I piddle on the computer more: videos, blogging stuff, picture editing.

11:40-Time for bed!

            This was a fairly typical day for us. What does your day look like? Do you work off of a loose schedule, or are you pretty open?
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  1. We are pretty loose around here. No day looks exactly like another. I love your authenticity. Thanks for sharing. #thisishowweroll

    1. We are the same, although I feel like some sort of schedule would do us all some good! Thanks for stopping by!