Friday, July 22, 2016

Farm Fridays #2

            Hey folks! Welcome back to week 2 of the Farm Fridays link up! Thanks for joining us again and I hope you enjoyed last week's posts. Before we jump into this week's link up, I have a special announcement to make.

            Do you consider yourself a homesteader? I want to hear your story!

            I'm looking for urban and rural homesteaders alike to feature in an upcoming series on the blog. You get the chance to share your story and readers will get some motivation they may have been looking for to start their own homesteading adventure!

            If interested and you would like to learn more, send me an email at aliciaowen6814 at yahoo dot com. Now, back to the link up!

  1. Add up to 3 links each week.
  2. Please visit at least as many other posts as you link up and either comment on or share via social media the posts you visit. Even better if both!
  3. Please grab the button code and put it in your post somewhere or on your blog's sidebar, etc. That way we can reach more people and have even more awesome posts to read and discover new blogs!
    Farm Fridays Link-Up
  4. Whether you're a hardcore homesteader or part-time planter, we want to see your posts! So, what kind of posts are we looking for? Basically, anything sustainable/green living related:
    -Livestock of any kind
    -DIY recipes: salves, beauty, bath and body, etc.
    -Food recipes (Preferably from scratch and/or using whole foods. You get the idea.)
    -Tips on any of the above and living a greener lifestyle.
    -It can even just be posts on what's going on around your garden, yard, farm, homestead, etc.! (Like a lot of mine.)


  1. Darn, missed the linkup, but will share that you're looking for bloggers to feature! Thanks for linking up at the Family Joy Blog Party!

  2. A very interesting llinky. Thank you for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost