Monday, December 23, 2013

Yummy Yogurt Toddler Treat

            Hey folks! I'm continuing the baby food theme somewhat today. I felt like sharing this because 1) I am always seeing new yogurt "smoothies" in pouches marketed for toddler and kid snacks at the store and 2) who couldn't use something different to mix their kids meals up with, right? (This would make a yummy, healthy snack or breakfast for an adult too!) So, before you buy those seemingly convenient smoothie pouches the next time you're at the store, don't! Buy these four ingredients instead (you get more for your money anyways):
-plain, all natural yogurt (we get Dannon)
-fruit of your choice (apples/applesauce and bananas are great)
-fruit juice (optional)

            This "recipe" isn't an exact science, so that's why I've included pictures. It's all about personal preference too, of course. Just add the yogurt, oats, and fruit to whatever size bowl or container you want (this one pictured is 8 oz.), sprinkle some cinnamon on top (cinnamon makes everything better in my opinion), and mix it up!

            Myka loves this! (Which is saying something since she is SO picky about textures.) It has really helped her get more used to chunky food too. In case you're wondering about the optional fruit juice, we add prune or apple juice sometimes if it seems too thick. (Yes, we use REAL, 100% fruit juice. Not that sorry excuse flavored sugar water they label as fruit juice.) For the fruit, we're usually lazy and use applesauce or bits of banana.
            One of my favorite things about this is it's quick and easy to mix up the night before or in the morning. It can be hard finding quick, healthy options for breakfast. What is your (or your children's) favorite breakfast food?

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