Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Update 11/27

            Hey folks! I hope you all are enjoying all of the giveaways that have been going on! I have to admit, although I didn't plan it to work out this way, all these giveaways going on at the same time have been a happy accident of sorts because I've run into some writer's block again. Booo!
            I've also been busy trying to get some stuff in order for our Etsy store. I'm really REALLY wanting and hoping it will take off enough so that I can stay home with Myka (and future children. Have I mentioned I've had baby fever lately? lol) and still be able to contribute financially. Yes, I am one of THOSE. Don't get me wrong: I don't undermine the importance of raising children. But, I've always been the type of person who doesn't like relying on others financially. I want to at least be able to help out a little bit.
            While I'm still on the subject of our store, here's a little heads up that my blogger friends over at Pea of Sweetness and Savory Savings will be doing some reviews and giveaways within the next month on some of our products, so be sure to keep a look out for those! We will also have body wash and a trial size package available in the very near future! (Can you tell I'm excited with all of the exclamation point usage? lol)
            I've also been really stressed out about "work" and have had an annoyingly persistent teethache for the past several days. Other than labor pains, I think having a bad toothache is just about the worst kind of pain. I usually have a pretty high pain tolerance, but I can't stand for my teeth to hurt! Anyways, excuses, excuses, right? lol
            I've never really been the type of person who always has something or somewhere to be, so I'm not used to this busy spell I seem to be going through! haha Hopefully one day I will get better with my time management issues. lol (Although I get the feeling it will get worse with more children!)
            Not sure what else will be coming up soon, but I do have a fun little 4 day mini series sneak peak scheduled for some upcoming book releases from Dawn Publications. Yay, books! They are children's books too, in case you're wondering or didn't see my first book reviews for them on two of their board books. They're all about nature and animals, so be sure to check them out!

            I hope you all have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving! :)

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