Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Getting in Shape (Part 2) - Jogging Apps

            Welcome back! If you read part 1, you read about wanting to get in better shape before having another baby has really kicked my butt in gear to get serious about losing weight. I have already cut way back on pop and pasta in the past several months and love going hiking, but something more needs to be done; something more “drastic” and regular. While I do get an excellent workout from hiking up and down “mountains” with Myka on my back at least once a week, that’s not exactly going to help me out for the rest of the week.
            First of all, I thought it would be fun to get a pedometer app on my phone. I’m not concerned so much about how many steps I’ve actually taken (although it is kind of fun, assuming it’s accurate) as I am interested in seeing how far I actually walk. (Especially when I take both kids.)
            I downloaded the Runtastic Pedometer from the Google Play store on my phone. I literally just installed it yesterday, so I’ve only used it once. I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed when I saw that our walk around the neighborhood (babysitting) was a little less than half a mile. Seriously? BUT, I keep having to remind myself that I’m pushing about 20 pounds and carrying around 30 (including the backpack weight) on my back…up a couple of inclines. Go me. Lol
Left picture shows what it records, right picture shows my history. (To be fair, I' m not usually that weaktacular. I stopped and talked to some crazy, but friendly, woman who was out for a "walk" with her dog, which was in one of those doggy strollers. lol)

            I was also turned on to another app through an old friend via Facebook. C25k free, short for Couch to 5k, is a free jogging/running app for your phone. Maybe marathons aren’t your thing, but you still want to get in shape? Give this app a try! I’ve only done day 1, but I love it!
            If you’re anything like me, you might be thinking, “A jogging app? That sounds stupid. What’s the point?” Here’s what and how C25k free works in a nutshell: You alternate between walking and running/jogging for 30 minutes, 3 days a week. (Not bad, right?) The app simply tells you when to start walking, running, and when your cool down walk starts. That’s it! When you’re finished each day, you can post to Facebook or Twitter and “brag” about it, which I like. ;) Also, before I forget, it is an 8 week program, but you can always start over if you want/need to. It also increases the time you spend walking and jogging each week. (i.e. 90 seconds of jogging, 120 seconds of walking, repeat)

            I highly recommend the C25k free app. For those of you who don’t think you could do it, have you seen pictures of me? I don’t exactly have a runner’s physique…at all. (Well, I do have freakishly strong legs, but other than that…) Think about this: Technically, you’re not even running/jogging that much. You have a 5 minute warm up walk, alternate between 1 minute of jogging and 1 ½ minutes of walking for 20 minutes, then finish with a 5 minute cool down walk. I know this saying is so overused, but honestly: If I can do it, you can do it!

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