Monday, November 4, 2013

Dollar Bins

            I love saving a buck or two…or five or ten. I’m sure you love saving money when possible too. Do you guys ever look through the dollar or clearance bins at stores? If not, you should start! You can find some neat stuff in them sometimes.
            One of my favorites is Target. Sadly, the closest one to us is about an hour away. (Probably a good thing, actually.) Needless to say, I almost always find something in their clearance bins whenever we go, especially if it happens to be around a holiday! I got some really cute Easter props to use in Myka’s pictures earlier this year.

            Most recently, we got some cute little Thanksgiving and fall decorations. Everything but the rug in the picture below was $1 each! The rug was $3. Not bad! We tossed the mini pumpkins and pompom balls in Myka’s sensory box. :)
Best $1 "toy" ever. ;)

            What kind of good deals have you found lately? What’s your favorite store to peruse through clearance items?


  1. I have to agree with you when it comes to Target, as soon as you walk into our local Target, the 1st thing you see is the Under $5 bins and I can't help but stop. I found some M&M Valentines candles, stickers and a Heart Silicone Mold in a clearance buggy at the Dollar General Market and couldn't resist! Clearance bins are wonderful!!

    1. I don't go to the Dollar General much. I might have to see if they have anything good at ours this weekend! I do find some good stuff at the Dollar Tree. (The one where everything really is $1. lol)