Friday, November 22, 2013

Big Girl Stuff

            Myka seems to go through spurts where she learns lots of new stuff and how to do new things within a short period of time. Lately has been one of those times. I still can’t get over all of the new things she’s doing and trying! I’m sure every parent feels that way with their kids, but since Myka is my first, humor me. ;)

            She is finally getting adventurous in the food and beverage department. We finally decided to start introducing cows’ milk to her. It didn’t even faze her the first time and hasn’t seemed to upset her stomach. Now we can get rid of the Godforsaken formula! Yay! One week recently she FINALLY decided to start eating really chunky food too. John has been mixing up plain REAL yogurt with oats and fruits for Myka’s breakfast some days and she LOVES it!
            Most exciting of all, though, she finally tried a finger food AND fed it to herself! She even let us feed her a piece of banana, carrot, and a tiny piece of breadstick. Lol I’m sure some of you are thinking, “What’s the big deal? Most kids are eating some finger foods by the time they’re one.” Not Myka. She’s weird about food textures, so this is a HUGE deal.
            She still either hasn’t figured out or is just too lazy to hold her bottle or sippy cup upright, but at least she is finally doing what she does with her bottle with her sippy cup and lays down and drinks it. Lol Better than nothing, right?
            Myka is finally starting to walk around the furniture a lot more too…Unless you’re watching her and she knows it. Haha
            She’s been doing this for awhile, but I still think it’s funny that (most of the time) she helps us dress her. She will stick her legs up one at a time for us to put socks, leg warmers, and sometimes pants on. She also knows when to bend and straighten out her arm when we put her shirts on, which is really helpful!
My proudest mommy moment, though, has to be when she used the potty. I’m sure some of you probably think I’m full of crap and the rest of you probably think I’m nuts, but that’s ok. It’s not like we force her to go or sit on there long, just for the record. ;) We don’t even do it that often.
            Anyways, she hasn’t gone any more since I wrote this, but that’s ok. Veteran’s Day I set her down, said “go potty”, and she did! Too bad it’s not that easy all the time with all kids! Later, after she had a nap and bottle I thought I would see if she needed to potty and she ended up going #2 instead! The day before that she went #2 on it as well. (We did cheat on that one and “caught” her before she pooped in her nice, clean, nighttime diaper. Lol)

            What fun or major things have your children learned recently? Brag away! ;)

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