Friday, November 15, 2013

Getting in Shape (Part 3) - Jogging Stroller

Hi! My name is Alicia and I will be your giant hypocrite for the evening! :D

            I hate to sound like “that” person who dives head first into things too quickly (although I kind of am) and I DEFINITELY don’t want to sound like I have a surplus of money to spend at my leisure because that’s far from the truth, BUT…we kind of splurged on a “new to us” jogging stroller. Me. With a jogging stroller. Me, who always scoffed at them back in the day. Yep.
            To be fair, I had been contemplating getting one since this summer. I figured since I had been thinking about getting one for several months and had plenty of time to consider whether it would get used or not, I should go ahead and get one. I took it as a sign when I found one for sale on Craigslist in our town and not all the way in Little Rock. (Which is the closest major city to us on there.)
            Anyways, Myka and I tried it out last night (along with the C25k free phone app, which you can read about HERE.) and we both enjoyed it. Hell, I like almost any excuse to get out of the house. Myka seemed to like it a lot more than her regular stroller since it’s more open.
            Did we absolutely NEED to buy it? Probably not, but if nothing else, it will make a good “rough terrain” stroller. :)
            What about you guys? I’m not much into baby-wearing (post coming up on that), but I do love taking Myka pretty much everywhere with me. What’s your favorite way to take baby with you? Stroller, carrier, etc.? 

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