Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finger Painting (BLT)

            I had a much needed, extended, 4 day weekend over Veteran’s Day weekend, so since we weren’t feeling rushed and I’ve not let Myka do any fun “hands on, special activities” lately, we decided to finally see how finger painting would go. As I’ve mentioned before, Myka was (and still is) really weird about new textures, but is making leaps and bounds as far as not freaking out now. Still, I was really surprised when we whipped the finger paints out, strapped her in her chair, and she dug right in with no qualms! It was even more fun because we were Skyping with my mom while she was painting, so that was kind of nice we could at least share that “first” in a way.

This activity will help develop:
-fine motor skills
-color identification and differentiation
-hand-eye coordination
-arguably, trust, since you are letting them do something messy on purpose (and hoping like hell they don’t turn the rest of your house into modern art. Lol)

(In case you haven’t noticed, these lists I put at the end of activities are not an exhaustive list. They’re just the first things that pop in my head.)

WARNING: Not a good activity for young children who still put their hands in their mouths frequently. If you still want to try it, try to find a recipe to make your own paint with edible ingredients and natural dyes/pigments. 

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