Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clothing a (Short) Cloth Diapered Child

            I’m sure it’s plenty difficult clothing an “average” sized cloth diapered child just for having to compensate for the fluffy butt factor. However, how many of you have the same issue I do: A chubby, short, AND cloth diapered baby? It is a nightmare trying to find clothes that fit!

            Obviously, pants and sometimes onesies are the main problems. Onesies aren’t quite as bad as pants since you mostly just need to find ones that are a little longer to allow room for the fluffy butt. Pants, on the other hand, are hard enough to find for a short, chubby baby with “normal” diapers. Finding ones that fit decently WITH cloth diapers is pretty much impossible. They’re either too tight in the waist, but the correct length, fit just right in the waist, but WAY too long, or some other weird combination.
            I know, I know. We could hem them but really, who wants to go to the trouble of hemming pants that are probably going to be worn less than 6 months? Rolling may work on older kids who walk as their main way of getting around, but it doesn’t do much good for crawlers like Myka. There is at least one company who makes little blue jeans that can be adjusted more than normal pants, but they are so pricey! I don’t even like paying $30 for a pair of jeans for myself! Lol

            Someone just needs to start a company called “Short & Sweet” that makes appropriately sized clothes, especially pants, at affordable prices for cloth diapered kids! Just make sure to give me credit and share some of your profit with me, ok? ;)

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