Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Night Chill" Adult Fiction Book Review

            Hey folks! You may have noticed when I do book reviews, they're children's books most of the time. While I obviously enjoy it (otherwise I wouldn't be doing them, right?!), it was nice to take a break and read an adult book. Night Chill by Jeff Gunhus was right up my alley too because it's in the same genre as Dean Koontz, both of which I love.
            Jack Tremont, his wife, and two young daughters moved to the western hills of Maryland to start a new life after an unfortunate accident Jack was involved in while living in California. A year later and his family is more connected than they've ever been and enjoying the laid back pace of their new lives. Then everything changes when a deranged man tries to kidnap Jack's younger daughter, Sarah, at a rest area on their way home one night. Things get progressively worse from there.
            Jack tries to stop the man on the highway after he sees the body of a teenage girl in the attacker's trunk. Playing a game of cat and mouse on the dark, stormy highway, another accident ensues, causing Jack to have flashbacks from his accident in California.
            After investigating the scene, police (and even his wife) begin to think Jack is losing it when the body of the teenage girl is nowhere to be found. Things get stranger and stranger. Jack keeps receiving mysterious warnings that someone is trying to take his little girl from him. He even starts to wonder if he's going nuts himself when he starts having hallucinations involving the deranged man who tried to take his daughter.
            As things play out and a man by the name of Joseph Lonetree teams up with Jack, he learns there are dark forces at work in the small town of Prescott City and no one is to be trusted, even the authorities. Even worse, they will stop at nothing to take his little girl away from him. Little do they know is how far Jack and Lonetree are willing to go as well to stop them.
            I absolutely loved this book! I had a hard time "putting it down" for sure. (I reviewed an epub copy so it's not as if I actually had anything to physically put down. ;) ) The author does an excellent job of sucking you into the story right away. There are so many twists and mysteries that you can't help but to keep reading to figure them out and find out what happens next. Never a dull moment!
            I liked the author's writing style as well. I'm not big into overly descriptive writing. For example, I don't care that such and such character bought his black and grey diamond patterned polo shirt from Banana Republic on the third Wednesday of February. I thought Gunhus did a nice job of giving just enough relevant description of characters, places, etc. without boring the reader to death.
            If you're looking for a good suspense thriller with a bit of supernatural aspects mixed in, definitely be sure to check this book out. You can find it on Amazon HERE and you can find out more about the author and his other titles on his website HERE.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes. Regardless, all opinions are my own and may differ from your own.

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