Sunday, June 1, 2014

Diaper Dawgs Giveaway

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Welcome to the Diaper Dawgs Giveaway sponsored by Diaper Dawgs and hosted by All Natural Mom 101.

One lucky reader of Mixed Bag Mama and AllNaturalMom101 will win one (1) 2-pack of Diaper Dawgs & one (1) 6-pack of Heavy Dooty cloth wipes. Both in the Milo & Buddy Color.
The giveaway will run from June 1st-June 14th.
Open to US residents only.

Be sure to check out All Natural Mom 101's Reviews on Diaper Dawgs HERE and the Heavy Dooty Cloth Wipes HERE.
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Good Luck!

Disclosure: This Blog and all other promoting bloggers have not been compensated in any form for this publication, nor are they responsible for the fulfillment of the prize. Please contact Kaitlyn at  if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thank you


  1. We have cloth diapered for 18 months and it doesn't. I thought it would, but I never even bought a sprayer! Just dunk and swish!

  2. Cloth diapers really don't gross me out. Don't get me wrong--in the 14 months we have been CD there have been some nasty diapers, but nothing I couldn't handle!

  3. No. Vomit does but not dirty diapers

  4. Only on occasion- mostly due to the smell.

  5. Not usually, there have been a few that have been pretty bad, but it's part of the job of being a parent!

  6. Not really. I'm a nurse, so a little bit of baby poop doesn't really phase me.

  7. Poopy diapers don't gross me out, but you should hear my husband whine and cry and beg for mercy if I ever make him change one!

    1. lol That's exactly how my husband and I are too.

  8. The ones that don't "plop" can be kinda gross.

  9. I haven't had to clean EBF poo off diapers yet. We'll see then...

  10. Only the sticky sweet-stinky ones after he gets into the fridge and eats half a bag of baby carrots.