Monday, June 9, 2014

Toddler Discovery Time: Tissue Paper Windsocks

            Hey folks! Since Myka is almost 20 months old now, I feel like it's past time to switch from Baby Learning Time to Toddler Discovery Time. I'll still be sharing similar posts to BLT, such as kid crafts, sensory activities, and more, but it will be more age appropriate for kids 18ish months+ for obvious reasons. As usual, I'm writing this post about a week and a half before it's scheduled, but I think I will make TDT it's own tab as well so things don't get too confusing. So stay tuned for that!
            Let's kick off Toddler Discovery Time with a craft from Pinterest Myka and I tried out. Technically, we attempted two. The first one I got the idea for from these adorable little things HERE. That lasted a whole 3 seconds, though, and I literally only traced a thumb and half of the next finger before someone got antsy. lol Decorating the tissue paper windsock was a big success, though! (You can find the original post I took this idea from HERE.)
            While I wasn't brave enough to let Myka use markers to color on the paper, she still really enjoyed coloring and using stickers to decorate the tissue paper. So much so that I had to be "bad mommy" and put everything away because she was getting frustrated with the stickers. (Yes, I realize she's still young for stickers and frustration is to be expected at some point.)

            The original post calls for cutting up part of a 2 liter bottle if I remember correctly. However, we haven't drank pop in forever, so I made do by cutting some tp rolls long ways and hot gluing them together. 

            As for attaching the tissue paper to the tp rolls...Use a glue stick if you still want it to like nice afterward. lol I have "opposites" happen to me a LOT...As in every time I need the regular glue, I can only find my glue sticks. In this instance, it was the ONE time I really needed a glue stick instead and they were nowhere to be found, but by golly I found TWO bottles of regular glue. :/ Our windsock still turned out cute, I think, and I felt like it was something we both were able to help make equally. I strive to find kids crafts that actually involve the kid. ;)


  1. This is a cute project and I have to say your little girl is beautiful! If you need more ideas for this part of your website I'd love to do some guest posts to help you build this up :)

    1. Thanks! We kind of like her most days. ;) That would be great! I've been meaning and wanting to get around to posting more crafts on here, but the past few months have been crazy with moving, birthdays, and a giveaway event. Let me know what you have in mind. You can email me directly at aliciaowen6814 @ yahoo dot com.