Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Random Thoughts of the Day

            Hey folks! It's weird to think that this will probably be the last post I write from Arkansas. In fact, since I schedule most of my posts ahead of time, I am probably on the road for day 2 of my journey from Arkansas to Indiana as you read this. I have to admit that I've fallen behind on my posts with everything else going on in real life, so you may not be hearing from me too much for a bit. My mind has been (and still is) a jumbled mess, so I thought I would share a silly little list of random thoughts that have been going through my head.

1) I'm getting REALLY disgruntled with this whole trying to sell our house business. It's been on the market for a month now and we've only had one showing...And it wasn't even our realtor who showed it. I didn't expect it to sell right away or anything, but I feel like we should have had more showings by now. We live in a nice, quiet neighborhood in a decent sized, affordable house. *sigh* There have to be other people like us in this town who AREN'T looking to buy an overpriced lake house. Just saying...

It's cute, right?

2) As much as I hate taking pills and putting nasty chemicals on my skin, I finally started taking some antibiotics and using some benzoyl peroxide gel to help clear my face up. What's more awesome than having the skin of a pubescent teenager as an adult? On the bright side I've actually been able to swallow my pills whole so far. They're not big by any means, but I have a TERRIBLE time taking pills.

3) I'm starting to worry more and more about finding a job quickly. I still have "standards" as to what kind I will take, but at the same time I don't. The sooner I find a job, the quicker we can save money and the sooner my husband will be able to join us! I'm trying to be positive for once since the job market seems to have increased dramatically up there since we left.

4) I hope I don't strangle Myka (because of the long car ride) before we get to Indiana.

5) I hope my mom and I don't strangle each other for that matter too. :)

6) I'm really looking forward to doing a bunch of the "small town" things with Myka that we've been missing out on.

7) I really need to go get some ribbon and cardstock so I can finish packaging the soaps before we leave. 

            Ok, basically I'm just worried about lots of things. lol Do you ever have times where you're thinking about so much you think your head might explode?

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