Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Golden Books-Making Memories

            Hey folks! I'm not sure how I missed the first 3 weeks of Blogging Mamas "Contently Creative" blog hop because I absolutely love my Blogging Mamas Network group on Facebook, but this week's writing prompt is "making memories". I can always use ideas for new posts (even though I currently have about 3 weeks of posts scheduled in advance with more reviews/giveaways to fit in!), so this week's theme got me to thinking...
My, er, Myka's stash of Little Golden Books
             Most of my family members, especially my aunts, have a bad habit of being "pack rats". My mom and I are no exception. I finally made myself throw away letters from late elementary/early middle school a month or so ago when we were going through some things. Yah. I'm one of those people. However, I'm glad my mom and I have a habit of holding onto things for longer than we should in certain instances. Namely, a lot of items from when I was a kid.
            Even when I was younger, I thought it was cool that my mom was saving a lot of my old toys, books, etc. for when I had kids. It's especially cool since I have my own daughter now, so I can actually get all of that old stuff out, including my Cabbage Patch dolls and Little Golden Books. 
            I seem to have a better memory when it comes to things that happened a long time ago than recently. Why do I say that? When my mom first sent those books pictured above home with me (we live in separate states) and I was going through them, I actually remembered some of them. Crazy, huh?
Just a few of my favorites. I liked the "Baby Sister" book because I always wanted a sibling. Have I ever mentioned how much being an only child blows?

            I can't wait to make new memories with my daughter with these books. Plus a lot of them are about cats, contain cats, or have cats as the main characters, so they should keep Myka extra entertained. ;)

Did you keep any of your old toys for when you had your own kids? What was your favorite one? 
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  1. I just had to laugh while reading that! LOL! I have a few readers that my mother taught me how to read from. I also have books that I taught my little brother from. With all those old books, I taught my son to read. I am now reading those books once again to help get my grand daughter ready to learn to read. LOL! I have a few toys that myself and my little brother had as children and I also have some that belongs to my son. My grand daughter is now playing with those toys. It warms my heart to see her playing with her dads toys! What was my favorite? The little Dick and Jane books and a little ball that belonged to my little brother. The ball has a cat on one side and a dog on the other and when you squeeze it, it squeaks. I cant believe it still works. It is dated 1961. Back when things were built to last.

    1. Wow, you're right! You have to admit that really says something about how things used to be built compared to the cheap crap today. That's amazing you've had those books in your family for so long too! My husband's family is the exact opposite of mine when it comes to "stuff" and not having any sentimental value...Yet my husband was all excited when he showed me the toys that his mom did keep. lol

  2. Love this post! I am the same--and I still have all my notes from middle school! (and a TON of Golden Books!) Thanks for sharing through the Kidlit Blog Hop!

  3. Great post. I did a similar post on my site not too long ago, with Golden Books I'd picked up at an estate sale. The books were all from the 40's with one being written by Margaret Wise Brown (Good Night Moon). Golden Books never go out of style.

    1. Wow, that's awesome! No, they certainly don't!