Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby Learning Time (BLT) Update 2/10/14

            I know I said I wasn't going to do any more updates a few months ago, but now that I'm not babysitting I have a lot more time, energy, and patience. Even though I definitely want more kids, I have to admit it's really nice being able to spend a lot more one on one time with Myka. I won't be doing weekly updates, but if I discover any nifty tips that work for us or we do anything particularly exciting in the learning department, I'll let you know!
            Myka has recently become even more interested in books. She has always liked looking at them herself, but she is REALLY into them now. (She still won't let me finish reading a book to her without taking it away from me but hey, she's 1. What can you expect?) It's so funny and cute watching her sit and "read" a book to herself. It's not so funny when she feels the need to pull ALL of her books off of the the living room AND her bedroom.
            To somewhat tie into the reading thing, we've also been trying to work on language skills and the alphabet for fun. Myka has become very frustrated recently with her lack of ability to communicate what she wants. (Never ending teething isn't helping her mood either.) She knows a few signs from sign language, but not enough to let us know what she wants/needs without throwing a fit. She tries pointing at stuff sometimes, but it's still like trying to decipher a code for us most of the time.
            As far as the alphabet goes, no, I don't expect her to actually know her letters yet. Like I've said several times, we just like introducing things to her so she has a head start for later on, hopefully. (Just throwing that in there so you guys don't think I'm completely nuts. :) ) I've been utilizing our nifty chalkboard/dry erase board from Melissa & Doug to show Myka letters. (I highly recommend getting one of these or something similar if you are homeschooling pre-schoolers!) She likes playing with the letter magnets and chalk, of course, so I take the opportunity when she's playing with those to show her the alphabet.
            I'll get through as many letters of the alphabet as I can while she shows an interest and stop when she starts to get bored/distracted. I write each one out like in the picture above then hold the magnet up next to the letter on the winter alphabet pictured below. (For the record, I still let her draw or do whatever she wants on the chalkboard while I do this. I'm not a total control freak. :D)
             While I'm super happy Myka is so interested in the "intellectual pursuits", she's still a bit lacking in the gross motor development department. (Read: The little turd is still not walking!) I know kids all start doing things at different ages, but I can't help feel a little jealous (or a lot) when I see every other kid her age (or younger) walking, even though I'm sure I'll instantly regret it once she does start.
            What new fun or exciting things have your children been doing lately?


  1. When It's Her Time It Will Be Her Time Let Her Go At Her Own Pace & Trust Enjoy That She Is Not Walking Yet LOL! Because After That Trust Me You Will Never Get To Sit Longer Than 5 Minutes Without Her Getting Into Something.... My # Kids All Starting Walking Around A Year So Don't Worry She Will Be Before You Know It!!! :)

  2. I agree with the person above me. Once they start moving you'll never rest! My son is 10 months old and I have a bragging mama friend with a son younger than mine. Her son just started walking and I was a little jealous. But I realize that they'll do what they want when they want and there's no turning back once they do get those new skills.

  3. This all sounds just like my son! He is 18 months and loves books and writing. The chalkboard is such a good idea!! He always wants his older sister's (7) pens, and markers it's so frustrating. CHALK!!! Yes! Thank you!! :) And ps, my daughter started walking at 18 months :) my son was 11 months :( haha ;)

  4. My grand daughter is 7 months. I love keeping up with what you are doing. It helps me with my adventures. A couple of days ago, while saying ABC's to her, she said "A"! I'm sure its because she hears that letter the most. But she said it! I am still thrilled! She is crawling..... backwards lol! Now to master forward lol. She also loves books and being read to.