Saturday, February 15, 2014

30 Day Honey Challenge-Final Update!

            If you've been keeping up with the honey challenge at all, I have good news for you: You don't have to look at any more horrendous pictures of my face! lol But seriously, what are my thoughts upon completing the 30 Day Honey Challenge?
            First of all, I have to admit that I'm glad I don't have to remember to do it every day now. I'm very uncomplicated in the daily routine department (read: lazy) and to be honest, I usually don't wash my face every day. Some may argue that that's my problem as far as acne goes. Other people, like my husband, think I wash my face too much and swear up and down that their own face breaks out less often the less they wash their face. That's all fine and dandy, but that's your face, not mine.
            Second, and I really hate saying this, but I don' t feel there's been a significant amount of improvement to continue using honey on my face. Not the honey I was using anyways. I am thinking about trying the Raw Buckwheat Honey from MVTC that I received for review and only using it when I would normally wash my face. I have a feeling it's a lot better than the stuff I was using anyways.
            Finally, as I've mentioned in previous updates, I think a large part of the reason this "didn't work" is the whole hormone factor. I really think mine are just too messed up for my own good. If you get blemishes or have acne from not eating a very good diet and, well, other non-hormonal related things, I think honey would help you out. I've read plenty of stories online about individuals having a lot of luck with honey.
Day 1
Day 30

            My husband said he has noticed a difference in my face. Can you? How did your own challenge go? Would you ever consider using honey on your face?

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