Monday, August 12, 2013

Yummi Pouch Review

            Hey folks! I hope you’re not tired of reusable pouch reviews yet, because I’ve got one more for you! I hate picking favorites, but I’ve saved the best for last (in my opinion, at least.) Read on to learn more about Yummi Pouches…
            Yummi Pouch was kind enough to send us 6 of their reusable food pouches to try out. Like I said, out of all the different reusable and disposable pouches I’ve tried out over the past several months, these are by far my favorite. Here is some basic information on them to start with:
-BPA & pthalate free
-dishwasher & freezer safe
-holds up to 6 ounces of food

            The first item I would like to talk about is the size. My husband and I did a little experiment with the 3 different brands of reusable pouches we have recently tried out. We filled each one with water and then measured how much it held in a glass measuring cup. Although Yummi Pouches are labeled as holding the least amount out of them, they actually hold the MOST. You can actually tell this just by looking at them (These pouches are MASSIVE! I mean that in a good way, not a, “It’s going to take up a ton of room in your fridge” kind of way.). You will also notice this in the size comparison photo below. 

            As with most reusable pouches, the Yummi Pouch is dishwasher and freezer safe, but you will NOT want to use them in the microwave! We made a HUGE batch of purees for Myka a few days ago. So far we are not having any issues with food expanding too much in the Yummi Pouches that are in the freezer. I love that you can stand them up so that they don’t take up much room in the refrigerator door either.

            Another favorite feature of the Yummi Pouch is the label and date area on the back. This comes in especially handy when you make purees. For us, most of the green veggies are easy to tell apart, but the orange ones can start looking pretty similar…especially sweet potatoes and squash, which are two of Myka’s faves. ;) I use a dry erase marker to label mine and have no problems getting it off…even if I forget and wash it first. It holds up surprisingly well in the fridge/freezer too as far as not rubbing off.

            Yummi Pouches are also super easy to wash. If you still have a bottle brush (or even one of those regular dish scrubbers with a handle) you are good to go. Not that you can’t wash them with whatever you normally use, but those things really get into the nooks and crannies! The nipple brush also works great on cleaning the spout, as you can see in the picture below.

            Yummi Pouch also sells 4 packs of Brights pouches now, which have the same great design but in fun, colorful patterns that kids will love! You can also purchase other fun and useful items from their store, including dishwasher and freezer safe decorative stickers, label stickers, filling pitcher, silicone PouchPop toppers, and more. Be sure to visit them HERE and show them some love on Facebook and Twitter as well. Before you go, be sure to enter Yummi Pouch’s big, monthly giveaway HERE!

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