Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Little Green Pouch Review & Giveaway

            Do you enjoy making and giving pureed baby food and snacks to your child(ren), but hate the waste of single-use packaging? If so, the Little Green Pouch is for you!
            Let’s start off with an overview:
-Little Green Pouch is BPA, pthalate, and PVC free
-Holds up to 6 ounces of food
-Has a side spout instead of top
-Easy, zippered opening on top for filling
-Comes in a fun, you guessed it, green color
            The folks at Little Green Pouch were kind enough to let us try out a 4 pack of their pouches. I have to say, after trying out other single-use and reusable pouches, my favorite aspect is the fill line, as trivial as that may seem. However, I’m the type of person who HATES making messes and believe me, that’s what you’re in for if you overfill any type of pouch. Plus, that’s just a waste of perfectly good food! The clearly marked fill line was a definite plus for me.

            At first I thought it was kind of strange having the spout on the side of the bag, but it’s not so different than the ones that are on top, like you can purchase at the store. I can actually see this design as being more appealing to young children who are able to eat straight from the pouch. Isn’t it a novelty for anyone to be able to eat or drink something straight from the bag or carton? ;)

            Definitely be sure to follow the directions on how to fill these up the first time you use them. (And probably a few subsequent times, too.) You need to make sure the top is zipped and blow into the pouch through the spout to make sure it gets expanded to its fullest capacity…Otherwise you are going to have a heck of a time getting as much food as possible into it! If you don’t do this, the bottom gusset won’t pop out all the way and you won’t be able to get nearly as much food in your pouch, which would be kind of silly, especially if you make purees in larger batches like us.

            While we’re talking about filling, I love that the company has a graphic on each pouch that shows what items to use for easiest filling, such as a spoon, funnel, and pitcher. Spoons can get messy and be somewhat tedious from my experience and opinion, so if you don’t have a funnel or pitcher/other container with a spout, I suggest the buddy system. Don’t get me wrong, though: It’s totally doable by yourself; you just might be more prone to messes. : )
Size comparison to a one time use store bought pouch.
            In case you are wondering yes, these are dishwasher and freezer safe! (FYI the bottom is clear so you can make sure it is clean whether you wash it by hand or in the dishwasher!) If you are worried about expansion in the freezer, simply do not fill them as full. No, these are not microwave safe! You don’t want to get any hot spots in your food! Thaw your pouches out in hot water or in the refrigerator.
            Finally, there is not a specific place to write your date and contents per se on the outside of the pouch, but there is an area where you can fill in who the pouch belongs to. You could just as easily write down what food is inside there. Or, if you would rather, Little Green Pouch also sells rolls of dissolvable content and date labels. Cool, huh? They also sell other goodies that come in handy for filling your pouches and cleaning them! Be sure to check out their website HERE to see all of the neat products they offer and purchase some Little Green Pouches of your own! 

            Now, who wants to try their luck with a giveaway? Enter the giveaway form below (Email is the only mandatory entry, but the more entries you have, the better your chances of winning!) for your chance to win a 4 pack of Little Green Pouches!

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  1. I would use this for my older kids right now for applesauce. But once I get this baby out of me and old enough, I will use it for him! :) with all kinds of foods

  2. I would use the reusable food pouches for applesauce or yogurt for my kids.

  3. I will use with my (almost) 3 year old and the new little one on the way!