Saturday, August 10, 2013

Empty House...

        Today is kind of depressing. My mom and aunt left this morning, I realized my friend from work goes home a week from today (she's a seasonal for the park service), and it has dawned on me recently that my one friend I actually do stuff with down here and I really don't have anything in common besides having babies that are only 4 months apart.
        While I will admit that my family was driving me a little nuts and I'm sure I was them, it still sucks that they don't get to stay for longer. The week went by really fast. Although I don't think I could ever move back home, it sure would be nice to live a heck of a lot closer. It was so sad this morning while I was feeding Myka because at one point she was looking around like she was trying to find them. :(
        As far as my friend from work having her last day next Saturday, why is it that the one person I find here that I actually get along with really well doesn't even live here? Cruel irony, huh? She's only been here since May, but out of the people I've met since I've lived here, she's by far the only one I've got along with this well and reminds me of my friends back "home".
        I think I've known for awhile that my other friend and I don't have much in common. For whatever reason, I either overlooked it before or pretended like we did since she really is the only person I do anything with here. And that's not even very often. Over the past month our differences have kind of slapped me in the face, though. She's not a bad person by any means, but in my opinion, she needs to start getting her priorities straight. We're also just in completely different spots in our lives. I could go on and on about this, but I don't feel right doing so.
        Anyways, the house is back to being quiet and I'm feeling just a little bit lonely. I'm going to go back to having my self-inflicted pity party now.

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