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Molly Muriel Review - Green Mama Goodies Giveaway Event - Day 4

            Welcome to day 4 of the Green Mama Goodies giveaway event! For the last four days I have been sharing with you reviews of awesome natural bath and body products for mom. If you’re just joining us, please visit the other pages at the bottom of this post to catch up on the previous reviews. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the week for your chance to win many of the great products you see! 
            Have you guys heard of shampoo bars? These, like amber teething necklaces, are something I came across recently, but have fallen absolutely in love with!
            Molly Muriel was generous enough to let me try out a “Meadow Fresh” shampoo bar recently. However, I first had the chance to sample one of their amazing shampoo bars, the “Soft as Silk”, that I received in one of my Conscious Boxes. Let me tell you, it is not often I instantly fall in love with something. (I didn’t even like my husband that much when I first met him. Lol)
            Ever since I first heard about shampoo bars, I wanted to try one. I have been wanting to make the switch to a more natural product for my hair for several months now, especially after the not so great outcome from trying my own “shampoo”. (Who wants greasy looking hair? Blegh!) With Molly Muriel shampoo bars, you don’t have to worry about your hair looking greasy OR getting dried out!
            Molly Muriel only uses natural ingredients; therefore you don’t have to worry about the good oils being stripped from your hair like other shampoos can do, leaving your hair greasy looking or dry. Speaking of ingredients, when companies claim their products are “natural”, that’s usually the first thing I look for: A) Is their list of ingredients for products easy to find? and B) Are they REALLY natural ingredients? I can put a big check mark next to both of those factors for Molly Muriel!
            I won’t list all of the ingredients here for each shampoo bar (you can find them HERE and HERE if you’re interested), but the murumuru butter in the “Soft as Silk” one makes your hair feel sooo nice! I was afraid I would still need to condition my hair somehow because I’ve always relied on conditioner to keep my thick hair from being a tangled mess when I get out of the shower. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the shampoo bars conditions as well! The added bonus of this, of course, is less money spent on products I don’t need and less time in the shower, which also saves money in a round-about sort of way!

            I never thought I would so excited about shampoo in my life as I was when I received my Meadow Fresh bar in the mail. It is just as delicious smelling and wonderful as the Soft as Silk. Although half of the ingredients are different from one another, this one left my hair as squeaky clean, good smelling, soft, and shiny as the other one. My husband even noticed that it makes my hair less frizzy. (Which really helps in this humidity!)
             I have noticed that the Meadow Fresh one works almost a little TOO well. I have pretty regular hair as far as it not being greasy or dry. I would recommend this one for people who have hair on the more oily side.
             I was also really surprised (and impressed) by how well these bars lather up. Yes, I am one of those people who doesn’t feel like their hair is clean unless the shampoo lathers up a bunch. I could have squeaky clean hair afterwards, but if something didn’t lather up, I wouldn’t FEEL like it was clean. (Although my hair DOES feel squeaky clean when I’m rinsing the soap out.) So the whole sudsy factor was important to me.
            Molly Muriel’s shampoo bars also last a lot longer than you might think. Like I said, they lather up REALLY well. As the old saying goes, a little goes a long way!
            Another great thing about Molly Muriel shampoo bars is that the scents are nice and gender neutral. They are earthy, but pleasant smelling; appealing to both men and women. Personally, I like scents like these that are more “herby” than floral.
            The only con I can find about these shampoo bars (I wouldn’t even call it that, really) is that it feels kind of weird rubbing a bar of soap in your hair at first. I’m not a fan of bar soap and the only time I have used it since I was a little kid is probably at hotels as hand soap. Needless to say, I’m not used to having any kind of bar soap around, so it’s especially weird rubbing it all over my head.
            Like I said, I love everything about these shampoo bars and fully intend on using these from now on. No more sodium laureth sulfate for me, thank you. If you would like to purchase your own shampoo bar, please visit Molly Muriel’s website HERE. She also sells regular bar soap, lotions, essential oils, and candles so be sure to check it out! There is something for everyone. We received a sample of the “Volcanic Bliss” bar soap with our shampoo bar sample and my husband loved it!
Don’t forget to check back later this week as we will be giving away some Molly Muriel shampoo bars, along with other great natural prizes, in the Green Mama Goodies giveaway event!

As an added bonus, I was able to try out one of Molly Muriel’s new lip therapy balms in Clementine. These will also be available in mint, lavender mint, and natural. They are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and will be available very soon!
           To be honest, I hardly ever use lip balm of any kind, but I have found myself using Molly Muriel’s several times throughout the day. Not because it wears off quickly, but because it tastes so dang good! It goes on easily and isn’t grainy like some natural lip balms out there. It’s very moisturizing as well and would be great for people who get dry, chapped lips easily or live in dry climates.

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