Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Feeding Time is NOT my Friend!

        Does anyone else absolutely dread feeding their child? Not that I don't want her to eat or starve or anything, but I have gotten to the point where I seriously dread the act of having to feed Myka.
        She's not really a picky eater. She's still eating purees, despite trying to get her to eat cut up fruit and even chunkier purees. She's just not having it, which is fine, I guess. She's still young. The problem is she gets SO distracted when I feed her.
        Why the emphasis on "I"? Because my husband can feed her in 5 minutes or less. If it's me, you can expect it to last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, or more, sometimes. I don't get it. I try to feed her like daddy does and she's still looking around, playing with her hands, trying to grab the burp cloth from the back of the chair, etc. etc. Just generally not paying attention...even if she LIKES what I am feeding her! I try to eliminate any distractions I can think of too.
        I'm the one who feeds her 95% of the time, so it's really frustrating to me. I don't know why, but it is. Do I just need to chill out? Probably. Maybe she's, unfortunately, like me and a slow eater. I'm just hoping this isn't the beginning of a super irritating routine at every meal from now until she's older.
        Do any of you have "distracted eaters"? Have you found any tricks that seem to help?


  1. How old is she?? Have you checked out Babyled Weaning? I've got an 8 year old, plus was a nanny for 6 kiddos. Just found out about Babyled Weaning with our 7month old. Waited until just after 6 months to start foods. Took a few days (less than a week) for her to get the hang of gettin stuff to her mouth, but now the only thing I feed her with a spoon is yogurt!

    Avocado & oven roasted Sweet potatoes are good soft things to try first. Kind of messy but she loves to eat, now she's had scrambled eggs, salmon, chicken, pears, peas, corn on the cob (most of the kernels cut off...good to chew on the cob) fresh mozarella bits, watermelon, some bread and the baby puffs.

    1. She is almost 10 months old and that's about the time we started feeding her purees. I've not really looked into babyled weaning, to be honest, but I'm guessing it's too late since we've been doing purees for almost 5 months now?