Monday, December 16, 2013

Fitness Update!

            Hey folks! You may remember a few weeks ago I had several posts about how I started working out...again...finally. lol I'm happy to report that I've actually been sticking to it for once, so I thought I would share a little update!

            Naturally, the week after I started jogging Myka and I both got sick. (One of my high school friends and I were talking about that on Facebook the other day. Does that happen to anyone else every time they start working out?!) It took us both 2 weeks to really, completely get over it, so needless to say there was no exercise of any kind going on then.
            I wouldn't go as far as saying I was THANKFUL to be sick, but it happened to coincide with one of my knees hurting, so it was good timing. Otherwise I probably would have kept jogging and made it even worse because I'm stubborn like that. No pain, no gain, right? hardy har
            So, anyways, I finally got "back on the wagon" again this week. It's probably a good thing too. It was wonderfully ridiculous weather-wise here yesterday. It was 75 degrees at 4:30pm when we went jogging. This evening (12/5) we are under an ice storm WARNING. Crazy, right? Welcome to Arkansas, the Indiana of the south...
            I have to admit, I still wouldn't really say I enjoy the actual act of jogging. However, it IS nice to set time aside a few times a week to get outdoors. That part I do like because I HATE being cooped up indoors for too long! Plus I just feel a lot better about myself afterwards, like I accomplished something.
            I have FINALLY started losing some weight again (evil plateaus). Unfortunately, it was mostly from having a toothache and not having much of an appetite lately (hooray for holiday and seasonal blues). Oh well. The teeth feel better (for now, at least) and 4 pounds is 4 pounds, right?
            Have you guys been doing anything to keep the holiday weight off?

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