Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We're Moving!!!

            ...And I cannot begin to express how excited I am! But, I thought I would give it a shot with a fun little list of what I will miss/not miss about Arkansas and what I am excited about/not excited about moving back home to Indiana. *cue the "Back home again in Indiana" song* (The latter will be in my next post.)

What I Won't Miss About Arkansas/Hot Springs
-Rude people
-Terrible drivers
-An overabundance of drug users and pill poppers
-Not being able to meet anyone A) I have anything in common with and/or B) Who isn't a total weirdo. (Excluding the 2 friends I have finally made recently. Go figure I finally made a couple of friends, right?)
-Having a limited amount of stores and fast food restaurants to choose from. (I know I write a lot about green and natural living, but I HAVE to have a Long John Silver's fix every now and then! And if you've never had a butter burger from Culver's, you haven't lived. End of story.)
-Lack of decent jobs (Unless you're in the medical field or a car salesman, you're pretty much screwed here.)
-Bad areas of town
-Curving roads. This one surprises me a little bit because the grid-like road systems in most of Indiana can be pretty boring. But you know what? It's much harder to get lost up there because if you head out going west you're not going to somehow end up going south!
-I'm sure I'm missing a bunch, but I'm getting tired and blanking.

What I WILL Miss About Arkansas/Hot Springs

-Our silly cheep cheeps. I know, we haven't had them that long, but still. We've been so excited about getting chickens and looking forward to fresh eggs and now we're just throwing it all away. :/ However, they will be going to one of our friends that works with my husband who already has chickens, so I know they'll be in good hands.

-Hiking. Ok, so this picture was actually taken at the pumpkin patch last year, but I figured you've been subjected to enough of my hiking pictures. :) If we end up living south of Indy, we will still have access to plenty of recreational areas and state parks. However, if we end up living north of Indy closer to where I grew up at, well, let's just say that the only hiking done around there is through cornfields. ;) (Speaking of which, this was THE saddest corn maze I have ever seen, buuuut I am from one of the top four corn producing states in the country, so ya know...)
-Our house. The first twinges of nostalgia are already setting in just for the fact that this was our first house and the one we brought Myka home to. I do like our house and it would be perfect if it had an extra bedroom, garage, and flat backyard. I just wish it weren't in town.

            Don't forget to stay tuned for my next post on what I am looking forward to/not looking forward to with our move!

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