Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY Sticker Book

            Hey folks! Myka recently received quite a few stickers for Easter. Me being the way I am, I was not content to just get a plain piece of paper out for her to play with her stickers. I decided to get a little creative and make her very own sticker book!

What You'll Need:
-Internet access
-a printer
-printer paper
-laminating sheets
-hole punch (optional)
-yarn, string, etc. to tie book together

1) Go to and select the "Design" option near the top. Choose your canvas color and play around with the different textures, overlays, etc. until you create a page that you like! Here are the ones I made below, including the cover. 
2) Repeat that process until you've created as many pages as you like.
3) Print your pages.
4) If you happen to have a laminator, great! Since Myka is still really young, I wanted to laminate the pages so the stickers were easier for her to peel off because, you know. She's 1 1/2. It's inevitable. You could also buy "contact paper" and do this as well if you don't have a laminator.
5) Once your pages are laminated, poke some holes or use a hole punch on the edges. I made 3, which you'll see in the picture below, but you could probably just stick with 2.
6) Using yarn, string, ribbon, or whatever you like, string some pieces through the holes and tie your book together. I knotted mine 3 times to be safe. Cut off any excess string.

            Voila! You've got a cute little, relatively easy to make sticker book! Here is a picture of the front of the finished product and some pictures of Myka playing with hers for the first time.

            Also, yes, I realize Myka is still young to fully appreciate a sticker book, but I couldn't help myself. In theory, it should last until she is old enough anyways since it's laminated. In case you're wondering, the stickers are scratch n' sniff so she was trying to smell it, not eat it. lol


  1. Aww cute project! My niece is only 14 months but she already likes stickers so I let her go at it I just keep a close eye on her. She loves the bubble ones and the foam craft stickers the most.

  2. What a fun idea! I love doing stuff like this with my son.

  3. What a great craft project -- and a fun way to enhance sensory skills! My 15 mother is VERY oral so I think she's end up eating all of the stickers, especially scratch-and-sniffs, but I'd love to try this project when she's a little older. Thanks for sharing such a fun project!

  4. That is such an awesome idea! My daughter just started playing with stickers. Will be putting contact paper on my list.

    Michelle F.

  5. So cute,I will use this idea with my son! :) Thank you!