Monday, May 19, 2014

Goodbye Baby Steps, Hello Todller Time!

            As some of you may have read in the past, I enjoy taking Myka to the Baby Steps program at the library because 1) It can be hard finding fun things to do for really young kids and 2) It's good for BOTH of us to get out and socialize. Even though we usually have fun, I have been anxiously awaiting the day she would be old enough for the Toddler Time program because, well, it sounds like more fun to me. lol
            I could have signed her up for the most recent session, but Myka and I finally made friends with another mom and her little boy in the Baby Steps "class", so I decided we'd stick around one more time. April 30th was the last day for this session and, as it turns out, they won't be starting it up again until the fall (lots of special summer programs), so Myka's little friend will be old enough to go to Toddler Time with us too by then! Yay!

They give out special little certificates on the last day, which I think is cute. :)
 You also get to pick out a free book from the cart o' free books, which is my favorite part. ;) Have I ever mentioned I LOVE free books? Yes, even (if not more so) if they are children's books! 
            I found out yesterday there will be a Music & Movement class in July for 18-36 month olds, so my friend and I were pretty excited about that. Does your library offer any special programs for younger kids? 

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