Monday, May 5, 2014

What's for Dinner? Spaghetti Boats!

            Hey folks! Today I'm sharing with you how to make a super yummy item we sold at the pizza place I worked at in high school and part of college: spaghetti boats! They're relatively easy to make and the whole family is sure to love them!

What You'll Need:
-large sub buns (I used a loaf of homemade bread, but I realize that's not everyone's forte. Sub buns would probably be easier, actually.)
-ground meat (I used about a pound for the 2 I made, if that gives you an idea of how much you'll need/want.)
-spaghetti sauce
-mozzarella cheese
-spices of your desire (I used Italian seasoning, minced onion, garlic, and pepper.)

1) Cook your meat thoroughly and use whatever spices you like, however much you like.

2) If you use blocks of cheese instead of the pre-shredded stuff, now is a good time to grate your cheese while the meat is cooking.

3) If you're able, this is also a good time to scoop out the inside of your bread. Obviously if you're using sub buns you're going to scoot it out "longways" instead of the way I did mine in the pictures below. Also, throwing away that much bread seems wasteful, so if you're feeling really adventurous you could save it and try to make your own croutons with it, which I think I might try!

4) When your meat is just about done, add in your spaghetti sauce, mix together, and leave it on just long enough for your meat to finish if it's not already and to warm the spaghetti sauce up.

5) Simply fill up your "boats" with the meat sauce and sprinkle your cheese on top while everything is nice and warm so it gets all melty!

Note: If for whatever reason you're worried about your bread being dry (mine was because 1) I tried a new recipe and 2) It had been sitting for a few days, but that's a whole other story!), you could get a pastry brush and spread some olive oil over it and heat it in the oven or microwave for a bit to soften it up.

Bon appetit! :D

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  1. Interesting idea! I've done similar with muffins on a smaller scale - but this would make a lovely full meal! Thanks for posting it to The Pintastic Pinterest Party!