Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weight Loss Goals: Motivation & Snags

            Hey folks! It's been awhile since an update on this and to be honest, I haven't lost any more weight. :( So, instead of dwelling on the negative, let me pick up where I left off: what really kicked my butt into gear and some snags that I've already hit along the way.
            You might remember that I went to my brother's basic training graduation in early April. There were lots of pictures taken, of course, and that's what usually really kicks my behind in gear to want to get/stay motivated to lose weight: seeing pictures of myself. I absolutely hate seeing pictures of myself most of the time, especially if you can see ALL of me in it.
            I went through this same thing last May when my brother in-law graduated from nursing school. There was a picture of all of us and wow. "I am really that fat?!" I thought. That prompted me to get into hiking more, which is now one of my new favorite past-times! (I used to love hiking as a kid, too, but I've only recently been getting over the severity of my snake phobia.)
            So, after seeing some of the pictures of my brother and I together, that was motivation enough to really do something about being overweight. I've had enough. I don't like the way I look. I'm tired of having bad self-esteem because of it. Other than that, though, we're ready to have another baby and I'll be damned if I get pregnant being this overweight! (Although wouldn't it be the luck after taking so long to finally have Myka?)
            As far as "snags" go, the first ones started pretty much the week after I started trying to watch what I eat and "exercise" more. My inlaws were visiting all week from out of state AND our nieces' birthday party was that weekend as well. Hello, birthday cake. Although, they didn't stay with us this time, my in-laws also have a bad habit of bringing over dessert when we do make dinner. I should probably be appreciative, but I don't really eat all that much sweet stuff, but I certainly don't like having it laying around to tempt me either.
            Second, my husband had to run to Sam's Club for something the day after Easter. (Probably meat because that's about all we buy there regularly besides gas. lol) While I guess it was thoughtful and well meaning since he knows I love Reese's, he bought 2 big ole bags of the Reese's Easter eggs because they were on sale. -_-
            How are your fitness and weight loss goals going? What are your biggest temptations?

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