Friday, May 23, 2014

Bristle Blocks & "A Day Off"

            I'm sure many a stay-at-home mom can relate to the feeling of just wanting to run away from responsibility and everything else some days. (Maybe even some of you working parents too?) Since the only family we have living nearby are my brother and sister in-law (and they have their own 2 kids), I never get any "breaks". I haven't been away from Myka for over an hour since November when I was really sick one weekend. That, combined with her increasing, er, "toddler behaviors", shall we say, has left me increasingly irritable.
            I think it's important for any parent to have some alone time. That being said, I'm bad about "practicing what I preach". However, I finally made myself "take a break" and asked one of our old babysitters to watch Myka for a few hours a few weeks ago. It was just what I needed, but I have to say, 4 hours was not enough! lol
            You can judge me all you want, but it was nice to be able to be a little selfish for a few hours. There are so many little things you take for granted before you have kids. I got to eat lunch without sharing it with someone else. I also had the rare latte treat and didn't have to futiley (yep, made that up) explain to a toddler why she can't have any. I was able to actually really look at books at the bookstore. I know some of you will be appalled since I try to be into "natural living", but I even enjoyed a nice soak in the tanning bed for the first time since right before I found out I was pregnant! (Say what you want, but it's about the only thing that really helps clear my skin up and helps with the winter blues too. Also, I have never gone religiously. Looking like a tanned piece of leather is just not a good look. Sorry.)
            Speaking of the bookstore, I ended up buying Myka a few things. (That place is about as dangerous as Michael's!) They only had one of the books I was looking for and it didn't seem to be in very good condition (It's one of those board books that has pull out tabs), so I ended up getting some farm animal books because I can't really go wrong with those at this point in time. I got a fun pop up one and the other has the buttons that make animal noises, which I've been looking for forever!
            I also couldn't resist a small box of bristle blocks. Does anyone else remember those as kids? I always thought they were really neat, plus they're a little more age appropriate for Myka than Lego type blocks. (Although she does enjoy the MegaBloks, or however it's spelled.)
            What were some of your favorite childhood toys? Do you try to find time for yourself if you have kids?


  1. I don't hink you are selfish at all! A little "me time" is a necessity!

  2. Goodness, I thought I had it bad trying to be a WAHM and get work done, at least grandma helps me out sometime here. Glad you could get a small break.
    (Oi...tanning bed though, as someone who has had dozens of cancers removed...I cringe)

  3. I don't think it is selfish. Everyone needs that break

  4. What are these breaks you speak of? A break is being able to go to the potty by yourself without any help of any little ones.. My break is being able to go to the gorcery store alone, while the husband watches the kids for an hour. We have 4 kids, 2 school age & 2 not & I also work from home. I don't get a lot of free time or sleep.

  5. I remember the bristle blocks. I haven't gotten them for my kids because we already have too much junk. The kids really like their DUPLO blocks though!