Friday, December 27, 2013

SAHM Again, SAHM Again, Jiggity Jig

            Some of you may have seen the other day that I am a TRUE sahm again. I am staying home...In MY house. And I could not be happier!
            I've been through some interesting times in the past year since having my daughter. Well, as far as the "to work or not to work" debate goes. This time last year I thought I wanted to go back to work, and maybe I really did (you know how hindsight can be). I had already had an interview or two and was actively seeking work. We were really broke this time last year (we always seem to be having a rough financial time in the fall/early winter, and this year has been no different), and as I've said a million times before, I like being able to help out financially.

            Several months dragged on without finding a job. I'm sure part of it was my fault as I can be kind of picky. I'm sick of crappy jobs and I was looking for something part-time in the evenings so I wouldn't have to leave Myka with a stranger.
            Finally, in February of this year, I got a part-time job working in the bookstore/gift shop in the national park where my husband works. Unfortunately, it was during the day, so I ended up biting the bullet and taking Myka to a babysitter. I enjoyed working there and most of the people I worked with. However, all those things seasoned parents tell you about how "Oh, it will get better" as far as going back to work goes after having a baby: not true. Don't listen to them. They're full of crap. The babysitter situation wasn't working out anyways, which you can read all about on "The Snark Side" page under "Adventures in Babysitting".
            I've had a account for forever, it seems. Way before Myka was ever born, so I still received emails from them occasionally on new jobs posted. I ended up getting the job to watch the little boy (you know, the one I just quit) and thought, "Oh, this will be great. I can be with Myka AND make money!" The only drawback (at the time before I knew better) was it was at their house.
            As it turns out, there ended up being a lot more drawbacks about the whole thing for me. I don't want to ramble about that either, but you can also read about that on "The Snark Side" under "10 Things I WON'T Miss About My Babysitting Job". So here I am. I tried to do the "responsible" thing and suck it up for the sake of a little extra money to help out, but ultimately the need to keep what little sanity I have left won out.
            This time is and will be different. I have no desire to go back to work. (For now, anyways.) We'll be making some necessary and just wanted changes to cut back on unnecessary spending. We'll make this work somehow. I'm starting to get really interested in this whole homesteading thing...
            For now, I'm going to enjoy spending time with my daughter. She's only this young once. She and I both are much happier at home. We have the freedom to sleep in and go wherever we want, whenever we want. I'm really looking forward to getting back into and investing some more time in the whole Montessori business I talked about a few months ago. I've been majorly slacking since about Halloween, but now I have the time and energy. Besides giving me something constructive to work on, Myka stays a lot more focused and seems to enjoy playing with things more when I have the whole Montessori thing going on.
I tried to take cute little pictures of her playing. She hears the camera turn on and that's the end of that. lol Poor little thing is still sick in case you're wondering why she looks so rough in the right one.
This is her way of blowing kisses. haha! (Sorry for the extra bits afterward. I don't know how to edit videos. I should probably look into that...)

            We're also going to start the whole potty training thing again, which should be interesting. If she's not into it, no big deal. She'll learn to pee in the potty eventually. She's still really young. I'm not going to go strapping training pants on her yet. ;)
            Sorry this ended up being so long. Thanks for sticking around till the end. I look forward to finding out what adventures lay ahead for us. :)

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  1. It was very, very hard for me to make the decision to be a SAHM, especially due to the finances. You find ways to make it work though. Enjoy each and every precious moment with your daughter!