Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Baby Food Revisited-Part 1

            Hey folks! Do you remember my Baby Food Fridays series? I've been meaning to "revisit" it for awhile, but am just now getting around to it after my husband brought the idea up the other day. lol (I hadn't said anything about it to him before. I swear he reads my mind sometimes.)
            I know a lot of you are already at least familiar with them, but I thought I would go over some of the baby food pouches you can purchase from the grocery store. First of all, while I obviously am not, I kind of feel like a baby food connoisseur. Why? Well, let's just say my husband and I both have some food quirks, especially when it comes to textures, and Myka has definitely picked that up from both of us, unfortunately. So, while she is starting to get more adventurous and try "big people food", she still mostly lives off of chunky homemade purees and store bought baby food pouches. (And milk, of course.)
            Now, while the whole homemade baby food making business was fun at first, we hadn't expected her to STILL be eating mostly purees at 14 months old. Needless to say, around the time she turned 1, it was starting to get a little old, as terrible as that may sound. (For the record, I still highly recommend making your own if you choose to go that route instead of baby-led weaning.) While we still do make up some chunkified fruits and veggies for her, we rely heavily on store bought pouches now.
            What's so special about pouches? Nothing. It just turns out that all of the baby food companies that make REAL food with no extras in it just happen to use the pouches for packaging. I am self-proclaimed baby food snob. If it has so much as added ascorbic acid, I'm probably not going to buy it. I am REALLY into reading ingredient labels when it comes to my daughter's food. And that, my friends, is why I feel like a bit of a baby food it sounds a lot nicer than "food snob".
            Be sure to come back Friday for part 2 of this post!...Where I actually explain what I like about 3 different baby food pouches. :D

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